Hot Toys: MMS144 1/6 scale – Kevin Flynn

1/6 scale Kevin Flynn  from Tron: Legacy, brought to you by none other than the 1/6 scale giant, Hot Toys. It’s a solid figure, although very bare bones with minimal effort invested into it. The head sculpt is solid, and vaguely resembles Jeff Bridges, although no where near as photo realistic to the actor as what we’re used to. The skin texture is brilliant as you can see in the photos, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Mr. Bridges’ hair and beard so neatly trimmed and tamed.

The figure comes with both the white ‘hermit’ and black ‘battle’ outfit. They are both very basic, and the white one is particularly ‘doll like’. The plastic fastening buttons are somewhat dubious, as they seem pretty fragile compared to the metal ones used on earlier releases such as the DX01 Joker, or Michael Jackson (Thriller Version).

The boots on the black outfit are made stiff hard rubber, and therefore provide no ankle articulation, making posing appear unnatural when set in more dramatic poses. This con gets a double thumbs down from me, as I’m a real stickler for natural posing in action figures. The TDK Batman figure released in 2008 came in flexible rubber boots, and there is no reason a deluxe 1/6 scale figure released in 2011 should come with low quality work boots purchased from Mattel.

The lack of effort in trying to simulate the glowing look which defines the Tron franchise is also a real let down. But at least the disc on the back is removable.

Somebody could probably kit-bash a 1/6 Jesus figure with this outfit.

  1. Hot Toys really makes realistic looking figures! =3

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