Figuarts Zero: Super Saiyan Vegeta


After scoring Trunks, I was itching to add another Dragon Ball Figuarts Zero figure to my collection. And the one that caught my eye was Papa Vegeta. I wasted no time in getting onto Amazon as soon as I got back (it was more expensive in Hong Kong).

vegeta_2Vegeta’s signature move ‘Final Flash’ was a no-brainer, especially since the SHF figure never came with the hand parts to recreate the pose. In place of the static like effects surrounding Trunks after his Super Saiyan transformation, this figure comes with an effect that simulates the energy build-up towards Vegeta’s iconic power blast.

vegeta_3To give the impression that Vegeta is levitating in the air during the power-up, Bandai has used a clever bit of cloud “swoosh swoosh!” effects at the base of Vegeta’s heels. Making it look like a scene right out of the anime/manga.

vegeta_4vegeta_5vegeta_6vegeta_7vegeta_8vegeta_9Considering Bandai made Frieza, it’s very possible other DBZ villains are in the works, and a Cell would be a perfect companion piece to this Vegeta. Although it might be some time before we see anything of the like as the latest previews in Tamashii Nations indicate a direction towards the Saiyan Saga for the FZ line.

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