Figuarts Zero: Super Saiyan Trunks



Having been back from Hong Kong recently, where they have specialist shopping arcades filled with 90% toy stores, temptations were all over the place. Whilst I’ve always favoured poseable action-figures over fixed posed figurines, there’s always a little something off about Bandai’s Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts line.

And until recently, I’ve paid little attention to their Figuarts Zero line as they seemed a little pricey to me. But I came across this gem on display in one of the local toy stores over in HK and it just grabbed my attention. I thought the facial expression of Trunks was spot on, and the pose just exuded something that told me he was ready to kick ass. Telling myself that this pose could never be recreated faithfully with an poseable action figure, I shopped around for the best price in town as I always do, and popped my Figuarts Zero cherry.


Each figure comes attached to a ‘ground-like’ display stand like a diorama, which is great touch and welcomed over your hog-standard black plastic base.



Another thing that sold me was the Super Saiyan energy parts surrounding Trunks.


Pointy anime nose profile.



I’m thrilled with this Trunks Figuarts Zero figure, far more impressive than its SHF counterpart. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this line in the future. The sculpt looks brilliant and I hope Bandai continues to put out quality collectibles in this line. At least until a Cell Saga Super Saiyan Gohan and Perfect Cell! *fingers crossed, final KameHameHa scene*

As you can see in the final image, I couldn’t stop at just one could I? 😉

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