Sideshow Collectibles: 1/6 scale – Darth Vader


After a long break, here I am with my latest fig that turned out to be too big to fit into my cabinet! I present Sideshow Collectibles’ 1/6 scale Darth Vader from ‘Return of the Jedi’. I’ve held off on this figure for an entire year, but what better way is there to celebrate the Christmas season with a bit of temptation from the dark side eh?

This arrived on my doorstep today and is minty fresh, as the figure is simply too photogenic to not get snapping right away.

dv2This is one costly fig, considering I live outside of the States, which is why I’ve hesitated all along. But Darth Vader is just one of those sci-fi staples a collector can’t do without.



Various buttons on it’s torso and belt can light up.



dv7Won’t be complete without the iconic lightsaber.


The lightsaber comes in its hilt only also.





The figure stands at a nearly whooping 14″ and easily towers over any 1/6 scale figure (maybe except for The Hulk), and comes with a light-up base.

dv14dv15 dv16 dv17

Darth Vader unmasked. An impressive head sculpt from Sideshow, considering the usual offerings we get from them of Clones! They’ve really upped their game this time, and I think it’s comparable to sculpts that came from Hot Toys a few years ago.

dv18 dv19 dv20 dv21As far as movie icons go, there are few as iconic and instantly recognisable as Vader across all ages and nations. Even my nephew knows how to utter ‘Vader’ at the sight of its toys before he could speak!

The piece isn’t flawless. It’s got issues with dipping its head down due to how the neck was designed, and discussions run wild regarding the same and curve of its helmet. But it is no doubt and impressive and intimidating piece that is sure to draw attention even from non-collectors. Now it’s just a matter of finding to space to display it!


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