SHF: Kamen Rider Blade

I know very little about Kamen Rider Blade (practically nothing), and bought this figure purely as a plan to collect the Heisei 10. I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I picked it up. Great detail and finish, smooth flowing joints makes this an absolute winner amongst S.H.Figuarts toys. It’s been a while since I’ve taken shots of figures, but I couldn’t help but pick up the camera and take a couple of snaps, because Blade was just so easy to pose and play with.

Blade’s bulky chest piece has been streamlined a little to improve proportions.

None of the detailed engravings have gone amiss. The details of the Henshin belt always clues you in on the effort Bandai has put into the sculpt.

Love the card holding hand, which makes for some suave poses.

This effect piece included is literally earth-shattering. The sword also stays in place without any support.

More than one effect piece? Bandai has really gone ‘all-in’ on this one! It is also the best I’ve seen from the SHF Kamen Rider series.

The spread of cards attached to the blade are stickers on a clear piece, which you have to stick on yourself. The enjoyment of an action-figure and the experience of working in a Chinese factory all in one box!

Rider kick, flawlessly natural with this figure.

I missed out on this figure on the usual Japanese Hobby outlets, as it was sold out everywhere. So I had to resort to eBay for a couple of extra dollar$, as I could not be bothered to keep an eye out and go through the whole process again for re-issues. But it was worth it, as Bandai clearly lifted their game on this release, with all the extra goodies (cards, earth-shattering effect, Rider kick effect), and the detailed replica of the weapons.

And best of all, the ankle joints are stable and can plant firmly on the ground. I’m always a stickler for that!

This figure may re-ignite my passion to take a couple of snaps of other toys, stay tuned!

  1. Great photos! I just love your photos… always waiting for your posts.. =3

    • Thanks for the support! Am busy with work and life to update regularly, but will post from time to time 🙂

    • RoyVF1
    • September 7th, 2013

    Awesome pictures as usual!

    The upcoming new version of Black and Kabuto are looking good, cant wait for them to be released.

    • Stoked for the new version of Black too! Hopefully a RX Ver.2, RoboRider and BioRider will see the light of day eventually.

    • Fireminer
    • April 23rd, 2014

    Glad you like it! I’ve always been a fan of early-Heisei design.

    Maybe you should do another about Gaim or the upcoming S.I.C Wizard Flame Style.

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