RAH220 DX: Riderman

Today is a very special day. I’ve been collecting Medicom’s 1/8 scale RAH220 DX line around the time it started in hopes of attaining a set of the Showa Magnificent Seven Kamen Riders. But as the odds are never in my favour and a hidden entity is conspiring against me, I have never been able to get my hands on the figure of V3’s reliable sidekick, Riderman.

This figure was once scalping for $200+ when the line was still fresh and ongoing. But now that excitement and calmed down with no new figures for several years, the prices have started to whittle back down to a more acceptable level for us mere mortals. I would have gotten my hands on one earlier in the year, but I was robbed by a tweedle dum middleman who decided to send it to an address other than the one I specified and took off with my hard-earned money to support his coke addiction.

But here he is now in all his glory. The RAH220 DX Magnificent Seven stands proudly over my budding Showa S.H. Figuarts collection, waiting for the day when they too grow into 7, and then 10.

Unlike most Showa Kamen Riders, Riderman came with a truck load of weapons, and 3 attachments for the bee hive pictured above.

I hope he was only gutting fish…

This is his ‘IKEA assembly use’ hand.

Cooler than the Avengers Assemble in my heart.

Stars of the next big buddy flick.

  1. Congratulations! And the picture will all the 7 is crazy awesome! It looks like you’re directing your own KR movie..=3

    • Carrot Raida
    • February 21st, 2013

    Awesome pics Sir! 🙂

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