RAH220 DX: Kamen Rider Stronger

This was a review I shot for Medicom’s RAH220 DX Kamen Rider Stronger, but never got around to posting, hence the old title image banner I used to do. Medicom specialises in articulated action-dolls with sewn fabric costumes for that added level of realism. Okay, I just realised how silly that sounded if you’ve actually seen of Medicom’s “realistic” human figures, as a lot of them look like $30 dolls. But you’ve got to admit, it’s the perfect platform for Showa Kamen Riders, given the material and simplicity of some of their costumes.

Medicom normally releases their products in the 1/6 scale, but RAH220 DX is short-lived and a specialised line made mainly for KR in the 1/8 scale. Stronger was their final non-exclusive product in the series, and it appears no plans were made for Sky Rider, Super-1, and so forth. Which is a down-right shame, because the body used for this series is far superior to the bodies used for the 1/6 scale figures at the time, which were infamous for snapping and crackling its way to a disability pension without you playing with it. The joints are a lot more fluid in the RAH220 DX line, and lacks the brittleness plagued with the larger and more expensive 1/6 figures.

The craftsmanship of the suit is on par with the larger counterpart, and Stronger stands amongst the top releases in the RAH220 DX line alongside Amazon and Old Rider #1.

A typical assortment of hands. To this day, Medicom does not have any functioning wrist and ankle articulation for their KR figures, due to the rigidness of the material used for the gloves and boots.

The puffy rubber chest of Stronger is reproduced very faithfully to the original, and all the other details are in place.

Speckles of glitter can be seen on its horn, and the hole-punch effect in eyes are all sculpted in. No cheap spray-ons or prints here.

A profile view with its glossy black helmet.

A second ‘underwear’ suit has been introduced in their last release to avoid the wrist peg from being stuck in a glove. It happens a lot!

  1. wow he looks so cool and real! Real fabric and all! nice figure! =3

  2. dang this makes me want to go get a RAH 220DX…the poses it can pull off beats the 1/6 one and the details are pretty awesome as well! Will aim to snap this up together with Amazon sometime in the future. Thanks for the convincing review! XD

    • I agree, I like the 220 bodies much more than the 301 ones to be honest.

      And good choices! Stronger and Amazon are the best ones in the series along with Old Rider #1.

      • Ahaha it so happens that I like Stronger and Amazon the most..and I can actually find them in shops as well..so it’s not too bad…=3

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