SDX: Warrior Gundam ZZ

Warrior Gundam ZZ (闘士ダブルゼータ), one of the 4 Algus Knights leaders, is the 3rd of the quartet released in the SDX series. Knight Alex (騎士アレックス) is the last of the 4 to come, and the line-up will finally be complete in December 2012.

The sculpt of the figure looks fantastic, no complaints there. This is also the first time I have ever owned this character, as Swordsman Zeta Gundam was the only one out of the 4 to have ever been released as a Bandai plastic model kit. The execution and QC however, is a whole different story.

As a toy, this figure really pissed me off. The staff above took me half an hour to assemble the first time, and it was no easy feat. The parts are very difficult to remove and attach, not to mention extremely sharp. So if you’re not careful, you could cut yourself in in the process of struggling to pull it apart and reassembling it. To remove the part in-between the staff, it’s a good idea to get a pair of tweezers and pull it out from underneath instead of trying to pull them apart. Especially when it comes to that spike ball!

In concept, this figure has a pretty good play factor, as the weaponry can be taken apart and reassembled into different combinations. But the fact that it’s not that easy to do so, kind of just makes you want to get the pose right the first time, and leave it on display.

Ever since Bandai has limited the production run of the SDX line to be exclusive to Tamashii Web release. The QC has been hap-hazard with sloppy paint work on basic pieces which should not be a cause for such issues to occur. Panels lines are drawn poorly and goes outside the border, and areas where paint is laid on too thick seems to be common here. The white parts of Zeta Gundam and Nu Gundam were given a matte coating, which gives a very even appearance. But the white on Gundam ZZ is painted, and somewhat unevenly where it is over coated on certain areas.

When SDX was still a general release line (Vol. 1-10), the QC and paint application was brilliant. How things have changed.

I have yet to successfully remove the hand on the shield hand thus far.

Whilst it’s not specifically stated that SDX is a die-cast toy, die-cast parts have always been used in the series. And with Bandai cuttings corners here and there, it wouldn’t surprise me that eventually (and sneakily) they would abolish it entirely (much like the SHF series). But die-cast is used on the feet here, which gives it some weight and keeps him firmly planted on the ground.

Although I only have him displayed in his cape in this review, the difficult-to-assemble weapon which I mentioned earlier can be re-configured into a backpack loaded with daggers and spike balls on sticks.

Happy eyes, a selling point of the SD Gundam series designed to bring some fun into our desolate lives.

Effect part used above not included. If you’re an astute observer, you’ll notice that it is borrowed from our SHF friend, Kamen Rider Stronger.

I may quit this line after Knight Gundam Alex, with the completion of the 4 Algus Leaders, as the RRP set by Bandai has sky-rocketed way out of hand. Plus as exclusives, there is extra middlemen fees to pay on top of everything. I’ve already passed on F91, King Gundam, and…the big one. Had they been non-exclusives, I would’ve lapped them up without question. Unfortunately, the trend of the hobby industry is moving towards unhealthy prices for a simple toy.

    • Matt
    • October 1st, 2012

    I totally agree with you on the last line. It’s getting harder to find cheaper toy and figure products these days. =/

    • potato
    • May 17th, 2013

    the big one is actually pretty neat.

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