Robot Damashii: MSN-04 Sazabi

Purchased for the sake of accompanying the impressive Robot Damashii Nu Gundam, MSN-04 Sazabi, one of the most intimidating mobile suits in the Gundam universe is delivered with meek effort as a figure. The wow factor is there in the packaging, as it’s the size of a shoe box. But the figure is severely lacking in paint and detail given it’s size and hefty price tag.

Although a matte coating is apparent throughout the figure, it comes in a uniform red across the spectrum, which is disappointing considering even the 1/144 scale HGUC kit came in 2 shades of red to give it more tone.

There is zero panel detail drawn in, and detail and paint is missing from its skirt armour. The cylinder and tubing also gives off a very toy-lish vibe with the shade of light cool grey used.

The articulation department is also lacking, as range is limited in the lower half of the suit, where the back of the skirt has no articulation. The waist joint is also very loose out of the box, and the weight is poorly distributed with too much weight towards the back, which cuts down its already limited posing possibilities. Whilst it makes no sense to make comparisons to the HCM-Pro figure in terms of aesthetics, as the two are obviously aiming at very different things, it’s a bit of a shock that a figure form 2006 boasts a more impressive array of articulation.

And whilst the figure comes in a towering and impressionable size, the lack of fin funnel effect parts as an accessory was a major let down, as it was no doubt the main attraction which sucked many collectors into buying the RD Nu Gundam. The figure comes with the standard shield, rifle, beam sabres, beam sword, and beam axe. The arm plate which needed to be swapped out to attach the shield is also a pain in the arse to remove.

The figure is way too chunky to be compatible with any of the Stage Act stand attachments, so this comes with one of its own to go underneath the crotch. But as the figure is so heavy, and the attachment so short, it’s no good for securing angled elevation.

The figure is tolerable, but there is nothing outstanding here. It’s obvious Bandai didn’t have not have any heart to put their full efforts into this, and it’s upsetting to say that it’s no surprise, as it’s something they’ve been known to do every now and then when it comes to characters that they know will sell regardless of output.

  1. I was elated when I heard that Bandai wanted to do a R.D Sazabi..then my heart fell when I saw the promo pics. To say it’s minimal is an understatement…my HGUC looks so much better than this so I gladly skipped it..even though it’s my favourite suit..

    • Let’s all wait for the RG. 😉

      I’m building my very first RG at the moment (Gundam MK-II), and it looks bloody incredible with no paint touch ups! They’ve reached a whole new level with model kits here, even the promo shots used on the side of the box are of an unpainted kit.

      And best of all, they’re cheap compared to completed figures!

      (Come to think of it, my very first HG kit when HG was first launched in the early 90s was also the MK-II)

      • Ahaha you have an affinity with Mk-2 then! I fnished my own Titans Mk2 and I have to agree that it’s crazy awesome! Bandai improved a whole lot since RX-78..Mk 2 is really solid and poseable as well.

        And RG the price-tag is gonna go through the roof…and the parts as well XD

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