Hot Wheels: A History of the Batmobile

As soon as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was due to hit theatres, I went through all the local toy stores to see if there were any semi-decent replicates of the Tumbler to add to my collection. But alas, being where I’m located and all, all that was available were overpriced chunks of black plastic geared towards those under the age of 12.

In my search, I turned to eBay, only to find that the Hot Wheels 1:18 scale Tumbler is going for a hefty $100! Then I came across this neat little series of Hot Wheels Batmobiles, illustrating the history of Batman’s vehicles through the ages (no, we don’t have those here either). They are cited at 1:50 scale, though I doubt it is accurate judging by the relative scale between the TDK(R) Bat-Pod, Tumbler, and The Bat.

Tomica Japan is releasing a series of Bat Vehicles in September also, though I wonder if they are just these same cars repackaged for the Japanese market.

Detective Comics

1960s Batman TV series

1992 Batman Returns (armoured version)

1995 Batman Forever

1997 Batman & Robin

2005 Batman Begins – Tumbler

2008 The Dark Knight – Bat-Pod

2012 The Dark Knight Rises – The Bat

The vintage stuff

The Keaton, Kilmer, & Clooney mobile.

Batman’s rides from Christopher Nolan’s TDK universe.

  1. I personally like the vintage stuff! =3

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