Revoltech: GeGeGe no Kitaro

Don’t know how many of you are familiar with this title, but GeGeGe no Kitaro is a manga created in 1959 featuring many popular Japanese folklore creatures (named Yokai), a class of spirit-monster to which all of the main characters in the story belong. The protagonist of the story is Kitaro, a yokai boy born in a cemetery and the last living member of the Ghost Tribe who fights to maintain peace between human and yokai.

I become familar with this series as a child during the anime series that aired during the late 80s. If this piqued your interest, there is a more recent anime adaptation that aired around 2008.

Kitaro comes with 3 wacky exchangeable facial expressions, and your typical assortment of hands. The articulation in Revoltech figures may be dated and counter-intuitive at times, but this is definitely one of those figures that you can’t resist playing with every now and then, because the graveyard diorama stand it comes is just so much fun!

Kitaro’s emo hair piece which covers his empty eye-socket (he’s missing an eye) is made of a soft material that is easily removable when you want to change facial expressions. That odd strand of hair sticking out of the top of his head is also removable, so his father (a naked dude with an eyeball for a head) can be plugged into a seated position.

This figure is sculpted by Takeya Takayuki, which is released in a Revoltech line of its own, separate from the standard Yamaguchi line-up. Takeya is the man responsible for bringing us the innovative S.I.C. (Bandai) re-imaginations of our favourite Tokusatsu heroes in the line’s formative years.

Fully painted in matte makes this a lovely little display piece.

There is a plug hole on the bottom of Kitaro’s slippers to secure him onto the base.

Just hangin’.

Kitaro’s father (Medama-oyaji) chilling on top of his head. He’s also available as a figure in a separate Revoltech release, but done in a larger scale.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these reviews of pop-culture items outside the typical realms of Kamen Rider and Gundam.

  1. Hmm.. he’s a pretty unique character I might say =3

  2. Wow love your lighting of it all! Kitaro is really something unique, glad you did a review on him. XD

    • guyki
    • October 16th, 2012

    how about the chest?
    i hope it not the same as edward eric (full metal achaemist)

    • What about the chest? I didn’t buy Edward (love the manga, but didn’t like Revoltech’s effort on it), so I’m not sure what the deal on Ed’s chest is.

    • guyki
    • October 17th, 2012

    the chest part is so horrible… the chest have empty space behind his clothes… so it look like his pregnant or something like that

    • I don’t think that is the case with this, the chest is connected pretty closely with the torso, and the jacket is removable.

    • potato
    • May 17th, 2013

    you really brought the life out of Kitaro!

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