SHF: Dragon Ball Z

A group pic of the 4 Great Super Saiyans during the Cell Saga by request.

As for a clear favourite of the toys, I don’t think I really have one, because they all have their drawbacks that stops them from being ‘the’ best. Whenever Bandai manages to do something right with a DB figure in their SHF line, they seem to intentionally stuff it up for their next release.

Trunks is by far the weakest, with the poorest QC, paint app., articulation and overall finish. This has been covered in a relatively recent review of the figure.

The regular Goku is excellent with it’s matte coating, and it’s honestly nowhere near as bad as owners of the esteemed SDCC Gokou claim to be. But accessories is where it suffers, as it only comes with 2 faces. I picked this up when it first came out for $30-something, so I have absolutely no qualms. But with both the regular and the SDCC version going for premium prices at the moment, it would make sense to go for the SDCC version.

Gohan is generously packaged with a total of 6 different facial expressions (and unlike Trunks, they’re all great sculpt and doesn’t suffer from wonky eyes), as well as 2 separate hair pieces in both regular SS and SS2 state. But the costume’s colour is pasty, and nowhere close to what is shown on the box/prototype. Someone at Bandai’s headquarters has also decided it was a bright idea to splash Gohan’s face with some king-sized freckles, which proved to be a deal-breaker for some. I’ve taken mine off with thinner, but it certainly scratched all plans to purchase 2 to display in both SS states.

Vegeta’s battle costume comes nicely painted with shading that adds a lot of depth unseen in previous releases (and gratuitous amounts of spray tan in some instances). It also comes with three 5-star sculpts that captures the character perfectly, and easily wins out as the best of the 4. But this figure marks the beginning of DB collectors’ suffering, as all DB SHF releases have now been deferred to Tamashii Web Exclusive releases by default. But thankfully Amazon ships these internationally at a fair price if you get in before the boat sets sail.

P.S. The 4-star Dragon Ball is photoshopped from a clear jewel that comes with the Robot Damashii Ryujinmaru figure.

    • yungamazing_12
    • August 6th, 2012

    Thanks for the pics and for your thoughts on the figures so far…the original Gokou and Gohan don’t seem to stand out as much as people say they do from the Vegeta and Trunks figures (althought Vegeta’s face in the pics does look too tan)

    • Trunks and Gohan actually has a similar amount of shading in their hair. If anything, it’s Vegeta that stands out from the 3.

      I only have one Vegeta, so I don’t know if this might vary on a case by vase basis, but the face used in this photo stands out with too much much Jersey Shore tan. But the other 2 faces that comes with it looks good, where the shading is applied more moderately.

    • yungamazing_12
    • August 6th, 2012

    I think Bandai should have been a little more consistent with the shade of hair on the Super Saiyans seeing as how its suppose to be gold

    • Have you seen some of the DBZ toys they released in the 90s? They had some special editions where the hair was actually painted gold instead of yellow like the anime! It actually looked pretty terrible.

      But the whole SHF Dragon Ball line is pretty inconsistent in quality. Nothing like the effort they invest into most of their Kamen Rider figures.

    • yungamazing_12
    • August 6th, 2012

    I meant that as in all the Super Saiyans having the SAME shade of yellow….I was actually thinking maybe the shade of gold they used on the Ultimate Figure Series or the Hybrid Series…

    Yeah the Kamen Rider line is awesome.If Bandai put THAT type of effort into the Dragon Ball Figuarts line…

    • jadis dejesus
    • August 19th, 2012

    dude your figuarts actionfigures are sick!!!!

    • NeoD
    • August 22nd, 2012

    When I see the pictures of the group, I don’t remember that Trunks and Vegeta has the same height.
    Normally, Trunks should be a little taller than Vegeta and a little smaller than Goku.

    • Yes, it appears Bandai has cocked up the scale for these figures. If Perfect Cell isn’t a head taller than Goku, I’d be very disappointed.

        • NeoD
        • August 24th, 2012

        I did some lookup and apparently, this Trunks was taken from his very first appearance when he killed Mecha Freeza and King Cold.
        They said that at that time, he was 17, then he grew taller when he came back to help the other to destroy the androids.
        And then, obviously, he became taller again after his training in the Time Chamber.

        I wonder if that’s true? But then I think it is the best theory.

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