SHF: Kamen Rider Stronger

It’s been exactly one year since Bandai released the first of the Showa 10 S.H. Figuarts. So far, we’ve already been treated to 6/10 main Riders, with Super-1 coming soon towards the end of the year. That leaves Riderman, Rider X and ZX to complete the line-up. That’s not too bad considering the Heisei line-up is still missing 3, and they’ve been going at it since 2008!

Stronger is one the strongest (fittingly so) SHF Showa releases yet. The sculpt and proportions are pretty much perfect. Blessed with fluid joints, and a sleek matte coat, not only is this figure fantastic fun to pose with, it’s also a brilliant desktop display piece.

Paint app. is clean and precise, though I’ve been struck with 2 dodgy points where it hurts most, dead centre on the head sculpt! As you can see, a bit of paint has been chipped off the gold ‘T’ on its horn, and a smudge that cannot be cleaned off has tainted the bottom of its right eye. All the pin holes on Stronger’s funny eye design are sculpted in, and accuracy has been replicated down to all the gold speckles shimmering on its horn.

The chest piece can move forward & backwards to allow for better movement. The articulation is nicely tucked away and very well designed.

The skirt is moulded in a soft material for great flexibility when posing.

The effect part secures on the wrists between the forearm and the hands. But you can pop it on any old way for more possibilities as long as it holds.

DCD gets the short end of the stick again.

Even Complete Form isn’t going to save you.

A group shot for the finale.

  1. Oh wow clean crisp pictures there! Loved how you posed Stronger! Can’t wait to get mine soon..probably tomorrow or something! Showa for the win! XD

    • This one’s a great one to pose, the joints are very fluid. (Hence so many pictures) You’ll love it! 🙂

  2. Nice great photos! =3 makes em look large!

  3. Cool

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