Robot Damashii: Ryuoumaru

Many of you are probably going to be unfamiliar with the story of Wataru and his Mashin (what the mechs are called) Ryujinmaru and his transformation to Ryuoumaru in the 1988 anime series “Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru”. But it is an absolute favourite of mine that kick-started a genre of semi-chibi mechas (but not quite), and is hugely popular and remembered fondly amongst those born in Hong Kong during the 80s.

“Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru” follows the story of Wataru, a 4th grader who is transferred into a fantasy world, featuring a seven storey mountain (by the name of Soukaizan) taken over and contaminated by a dark lord by the name of Doakudar. A rainbow arches over the peak of the mountain, with each colour of the rainbow representing the 7 respective levels. As a result of Doakudar’s rule, the rainbow has lost its colour, and Wataru has been asked to restore the rainbow to its former glory by ridding each level of its boss under Doakudar’s command, and ultimately the dark lord himself on the top level.

The story follows a very RPG like structure, where there are 4 villains per level before they reach the boss, but have enough twist and turns in the story, new characters, new mechs, well written character drama and full of gags to maintain interest through a 49 episode series.

Ryuoumaru is Ryujinmaru’s 2nd and final form in the first season of the anime. A mini figure of Wataru is included, following the tradition of the Mashin model kits in the 80s/90s. Scale-wise, he’s a tad bigger than he should be, but as he is fully painted, I can’t complain. Because they used to be moulded in just the one colour, and that’s it!

The figure is coated in pearl white, and the paint app., QC, and representation of Ryuoumaru is near perfect, it’s pretty much faultless. Not to mention the effect parts included for his special attacks really brings him to life!

Bandai’s Robot Damashii Ryujinmaru released a couple of years ago on the right. Looked great as a greyscale prototype, but they really screwed up the proportions in the final product. It should really look chunkier like the Ryuoumaru on the left.

The anime may be a bit old to your liking (“Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 2” has aged a lot better, despite being only released a year apart, which makes it a 90s anime). But do check out the Opening sequences on youtube. If you liked the look of Ryuoumaru as a mech from this review, why not pick one up yourself and familiarise yourself with the show later?


  1. I’ve never seen this series before.. but.. it’s a robot damashi? damn! they recently have been making nicely detailed figures I might say! =3 He looks really really nice and cool! =3

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