SHF: Trunks

With the release of Trunks, the 4 Great Super Saiyan from the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z / Kai is finally complete.  When the Dragon Ball SHF line was revived with the cross-continent simultaneous release of Vegeta, the paint app. and the overall quality of the figure was an astonishing surprise to collectors. But our euphoria were short-lived when Bandai effed up by giving us a SS3 Gokou with a puke orange outfit.

Although not quite as damaging to the eyes as SS3 Gokou, Trunks’ QC and paint app. isn’t anything to write home about. For a product of this price range, it can even be said that it’s exceptionally poor. There are countless specks and spots visible on the faces, and on the Super Saiyan hair sculpt in particular. Whilst this is a common problem in Bandai’s Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures, it’s not something SHF collectors are used to being treated with.

The overall finish feels a tad cheap, with no panel lines, shading, nor matte coat on the figure’s outfit. The paint on the belt bucket is notability poor, and more in line with what you would expect on a $10 figure or gashapon.

Trunks comes with 2 heads, as both regular and Super Saiyan mode is included. So if you have a spare Vegeta lying around, you can swap one of Trunks’ head onto his body to recreate the version of Trunks at the end of the arc where he returns to his time to destroy Android #17, #18 and Cell. This combination actually looks a lot better as a figure in my opinion.

The eyes of Trunks’ regular sculpt is coloured in blue only, and missing the black irises, giving him an odd vacant look. I’ve taken a fine tipped Gundam Marker to dabble it back on; and I must say it’s an improvement. The eyes on the SS sculpt is also a little wonky, as one of mine has one eye looking straight, and the other sideways, when both are them are meant to look towards one side. It looks like a couple of the faces included just won’t be getting any use at all.

Shoulder articulation is limited, as his jacket simply gets in the way of letting him to stick his arms out straight. The hands are easier to remove as they attach onto a peg, as opposed to a ball joint seen in every SHF release I own.

The additional cut they introduced at the knees is superfluous, as this compromises the aesthetics, without adding any play value at all. They’ve used a new ankle joint, which should give better articulation in theory (similar to ones seen in SHF Shadow Moon, and the Kamen Rider Den-O figures), but the metal reinforcements are a lot thicker than usual. The toes also have trouble (can’t actually) straightening out properly, so the sole of the boots are parallel, and as such, the figure has more difficulty standing than the older DBZ figs with the ball jointed feet.

This figure had great potential, and could’ve been a hell lot of fun, seeing as it comes with 8 faces in total, and sculpt for both the SS and savvy purple haired Trunks. There are even 6 different pairs of hands, but the articulation and overall finish of the figure leaves a lot to be desired, and some of the expressions/sculpts of the face just aren’t really working. Whilst Vegeta only came with 3, each of them are spot on, and really captured the character.

If you have all the previous SHF Dragon Ball figures like me, you’ll probably suck it up but still be quite pleased to have reached a milestone by completing a set of the 5 strongest Z fighters during the peak of Dragon Ball’s popularity. But this isn’t really worth paying anything more than retail to be honest!

  1. I really like how you did the special effects! They look good on them =3 reminds me of my childhood where dragon ball was really popular back then.

    • yungamazing_12
    • June 8th, 2012

    Your photos in your reviews are always awesome…kinda surprised you didnt have pic of all 4 Super Saiyans together tho

  2. Man going the review, Trunks is kinda disappointing..on the plus side though he looks pretty awesome in those pictures so the flaws are more visible when handled? Love how you used Ichigo and Nigo’s effect parts for all sorts of fun charge-ups. =3

    • It’s not quite as impressive in person. Though I did enjoy him considerably more in Vegeta’s costume.

      Too bad I don’t have any Ultra-Act figures other than the first one, because some of the effect parts that comes with those would work great with DB!

        • yungamazing_12
        • June 26th, 2012

        Out of the 5 Dragonball Figuarts figures so fa which is your favorite? And is possible we could see a group pic if you dont mind?

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