Super HCM-Pro: RX-78-2 Gundam

I got this recently, despite it being released way back in 2007. And whilst I own numerous 1/200 scale HCM-Pro figures, this is the first ‘Super HCM-Pro’ I own, which comes to life in a larger 1/144 scale. The entire figure is covered in a pearl coating with an incredible level of detail that has held itself up respectably despite its 5 year age. The decals are already applied for you, and the figure even comes with a hanger to display all the weapons that are not equipped. If you love the detailed look of an MG kit but do not have the time or skill to apply all the decals, this may be the Gundam for you.

There are many detailed points on the figure in which the armour can be opened to reveal the interior mechanics of the mobile suit. The forearms can also be opened, but I could not pry it apart…

One thing I need to mention about this figure is that the eyes are moulded in clear yellow plastic with another textured layer underneath sculpted with panel detail. A feature you don’t see on most Gundam figures.

I never bothered picking this up in its original run, as the RRP is ridiculously overpriced. But if you manage to come across it for less, I’d say it’s a keeper!

  1. ohhh this is quite a nice figure!! As a gunpla enthusiast, this is a good one! =3 I like!

    Btw, I love your photos! I need to get tips from you haha! What camera and lens do you use? 😀

    • Thanks! I was quite surprised by the quality myself too, I expected it to look more plastic-y, but the pearl coating is a very nice touch, which you don’t see very well in the photos.

      I’m using the Canon 550D, and I usually just use the kit lens for my toys. The only lens other lens I own is the EF 50mm f/1.8 II anyway, which is probably the cheapest lens around.

  2. Ahahaha interesting find there! It’s really holding it’s own despite its age. Especially love how you can open up the panels for it’s inner frame. Metal chain for the Gundam Hammer and do I spy 2 Bazookas? XD

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