Hot Toys DX06 – 1/6 scale: Jack Sparrow

“You will always remember this as the day you caught Captain Jack Sparrow.”…

…is the message punched into your face the moment you open the lid of this awe-inspiring collectible.
Hot Toys’ 6th installment from their prestigious DX line, the 1/6 scale Jack Sparrow collectible figure is by far one of the most impressive collectible pieces I own. The astonishing level of detail in the tailoring, crafting of the accessories, and the frightfully realistic head sculpt they’ve managed to bundle up into this neat little 12 inch action figure is beyond astonishing.
It is unfortunate that I missed out on the exclusive telescope as Sideshow Collectibles would not ship it outside of the United States. But what is included by default still provides the most fantastic variety of trophy-piece poses I’ve ever come across in any 1/6 scale collectible.

This is supported by the inclusion of a gigantic helm of a ship as a prop piece, which you can lean the figure onto or have the Captain steer in full command, as it is fully rotatable. And to top it all off, you not only get one, but two PERS (parallel eye rotating system, or something or rather) head sculpts with an alternate expression!

Some of the goodies that come tufted into 1/6 scale Jack includes a real metal blade of his own, along with an openable compass, 2 richly detailed pistols, hat and boots which simulate the texture of suede, and of course, rum, which he probably nicked from Gibbs while he was snoozing.

Let’s get the ship moving with the pictures.

  1. I’m always in such awe over Hot Toy’s head’s crazy how realistic the whole thing is…and when you add in the costume, it’s as if the character is walking through your living room. XD

    Interesting orange lighting for the shoot as well, made it feel like Jack Sparrow was hanging out an orange lamp on the Black Pearl =)

  2. It seems so.. real.. D:

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