S.I.C.: Kamen Rider ZX

The final installment of the magnificent Showa 10 from the S.I.C. series is finally here! And what an astonishing makeover it’s gotten from its original pudgy suit. This ZX comes with an assortment of weapons including a blade along with a functioning sword sheath, a kunai (a dagger used by ninjas), a short pole that attaches to his thigh (a pepper spray perhaps?), and a chain dagger with proper links, so you can tie him up like a Christmas present.

The design is incredible from the neck down, and you can tell that the designers probably had a blast re-imagining his suit. The head is a tad disappointing, and just lacking the ‘I’ factor in S.I.C., but a flaw I’m willing to look past given my love of Showa Riders. This is the very first set of the Magnificent 10 that I am able to complete, so I’m very excited to have him in my collection.

The body armour is painted in a lovely chrome silver complete with panels lines and shading, whilst the helmet is rendered in a metallic red that offsets the matte red body suit.

Clear parts used on the belt buckle gives off a glowing effect…like honeycomb.

The scarf attaches to the neck with a single plug, a system used on older S.I.C. characters. For some reason they’ve decided to forgo the double jointed one seen in recent releases.

Just like Sky Rider and Super-1, the scarf is moulded in translucent parts with a fade out gradient to give it a whispy effect.

The joints are sturdy enough, and die-cast on the katana blade and feet helps the figure stand stably.

Oh, and it appears I forgot to mention that it comes with a ninja shuriken as well.

Ninja under the moonlight.

DCD is my default punching bag for my Showa Riders.

Do I love this figure? You bet. It’s one of the more exciting S.I.C. figures out of the recent ones, and the fact that there are scarcely any ZX products around makes this even more refreshing. The S.I.C. re-imagining of this ZX has such an appealing aesthetic, I wouldn’t be surprised if this attracted the odd collector who is unfamiliar with Showa Kamen Riders.

The only other major articulated ZX figure I can think of in recent years is the Medicom 1/6 scale RAH DX one in 2008. Who knows when we’ll see the SHF incarnation? Do grab this one before it’s too late.

    • hiroy_raind
    • April 9th, 2012

    Nice review! 🙂
    I once wanted to quit SIC and sell my SIC Ixa & Dark Kiva (my only SIC collection), and SIC Super-1 made me rethink that, but wasn’t enough to stop me, but this SIC ZX did. Can’t wait till it arrives XD.

    The redesign was totally fabulous, giving it a more slim design and changing the feel from a heavy looking Rider into a sleek ninja look, complete with changing the knife into a ninjato. Oh, and that shuriken? It was a shuriken bomb, placed from his knee.

  1. I didn’t know about the Shuriken Bomb, that’s a cool bit of info. 🙂

    Dark Kiva is another one of my favourites, it’s worth holding onto the odd piece even if you don’t ‘collect’ them as a series. Some of them are like mini-sculptures.

      • hiroy_raind
      • April 9th, 2012

      Indeed. I never collected SIC before, and Kiva is probably the least liked KR series that I’ve ever watched, but I can’t help wanting it after seeing the prototype hahaha. The funny thing is that I initially bought it for the Ixa. Turns out I didn’t like the Ixa as much as I thought I would, and loved the Dark Kiva more than I ever imagined. 😀

  2. God your photos are really beautiful..that background seems so appropriate as well. You’re right about ZX having a better suit with S.I.C rendition..the original suit is really ridiculous for a Ninja..with those strange holes/gaps in the suit…That being said however..I would still buy the SHF of the original suit as you can’t really go wrong with classics..ugly as they might be . =3

    Still the S.I.C is highly tempting due to it’s detail and paintjob =D

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