Sideshow Collectibles: Commander Gree

Today, we have Sideshow Collectibles’ 1/6 scale Commander Gree, as featured in “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, from their expansive Militaries of Star Wars line. Amongst the onslaught of re-deco / repaints / variants offered to us in the Clones department (that’s essentially what they are by design), Commander Gree comes across as a bit of a treat when you have it mingling with its predominantly white chums. Its full body camouflage scheme and distinct metallic green visor exudes a rugged tough guy military look with a bit of zing, and is a refreshing departure from the standard space suit uniform.

The silver helmet marked with a unique chrome green visor gives it a great distinct personality, despite the helmet used being the standard Phase 2 sculpt.

Faux leather used for the straps gives the figure an added depth of realism pursued by most collectors in the 1/6 scale market.

The mass produced weathering effect throughout the figure is absolutely brilliant, and no short-cuts were taken as evident by the detail seen on the rear end of the figure, which is not visible in the window style packaging.

Other than a pair of Macrobinoculars (more chrome green!), there’s nothing new in the weaponry included. It’s just the standard blaster rifle, blaster, and pistol (just the one) that comes with all commander class Clones. The left thigh armour has an addition piece sculpted on that is unique to other Clones.

The head-sculpt included has nicely done flesh tones, and is not as pasty as some of the ones included with the other Clones. But unfortunately the eyes on mine are painted a bit wonky…where one appears to be looking down whereas the other one looks straight, so I won’ t be using it for display. Just so you know, this shot was strategically taken to hide the derpiness. šŸ˜›

TheĀ plethora of hands included produces a nice variety of poses even if the lower half of the body is just planted firmly on the ground. Though it would be nice if Sideshow would update it’s U shaped stands so that the vertical part that slides into the base is shorter, as it rests far too high to allow for any dynamic posing with the legs the way it is at the moment. It’s a waste of opportunity as they have included an alternate pair of ‘action-feet’ to make posing appear more natural, but have not provided an adequate base to support it.

Looks cool with the rifle just slung on the shoulder.

I’m not a huge Star Wars fans by any means, but really do love the look of these 1/6 scale troops put out by Sideshow. You’re really getting bang for buck when compared to the other major toy companies who put out 1/6 scale collectibles.

You don’t need to be a great Star Wars fan to appreciate these troops, as the suit designs are all pretty badass and speak for themselves. Their association with a classic franchise and instant recognition even amongst non-collectors also makes for a great addition to any hobby enthusiasts’ collection. I love the look of the classic white troops with their personalised Commander deco, but Commander Gree’s scheme is sure to please those who love a funky military design figure (such as those from Metal Gear Solid), or items tied in with a war-related theme.

The weathering for Sideshow’s Clones have always been top-notch, they have it nailed, there’s no doubt about it. But Commander Gree just takes it a little bit further with that extra bit of zing and x-factor.

I got mine shipped outside of the US for under $100, as it is now Giftcard Elligible item. If you happen to have one of those from SS, do consider to use it on this.

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