Sideshow Collectibles: Sandtrooper Deluxe

The Sandtrooper Deluxe is my first Star Wars figure from the original trilogy, and I must say SSC has done a smashing job in applying the weathered look on these mass produced figures! I’ve owned some Clones from the prequels films as well as characters from the Clone Wars series, and the paint job of the weathering is constantly improving.

Following the release of Bly, this has to be my favourite trooper yet. The figure comes accessorised with 4 different firearms, a magnetic backpack, and a ton of accessories to be equipped onto the body. The shoulder pad also comes in 2 colours, a black and a white one, which signify different rankings, although I’m not entirely sure what is exactly what. Holes are even sculpted into the ‘mouth piece’, and the visor are painted in a green tint like the original suits.

The backpack is lacking in weathering detail, which feels a little inconsistent with the rest of the figure, but is not that noticeable as it is facing the back. The figure only comes with one pair of alternate hands and an extra pair of ‘action feet’ which has become the standard for the Clone releases is no where to be found. A little more generosity from SSC on the body parts would have been perfect, as it would have allowed for a greater variety of poses. But there’s nothing stopping it as is from being a proud display on the shelf of any collector.

No, he is not standing on a cookie. It’s an extra attachment on the stand to simulate sand.

Excuse me for the lack of different poses shown, but it’s difficult to repose a figure outdoors and I didn’t want to do it half-heartedly and make it appear unnatural.

Sideshow has yet again delivered  another brilliant Star Wars figure, and the fact that they are far more reasonably priced than the 1/6 scale offerings from the other major players, makes me all the more merrier. These guys have a great presence on the shelf even amongst other 1/6 scale collectibles. I’m tempted to purchase another one of these bad boys and equip it with a different colour shoulder pad to display as a squad.

If you’re a fan of Star Wars or the design of the troops/clones in general, but have yet to laid your hands on one of these. I urge you to hold back on a couple of those 3¾ inch figures (which are way overpriced for what it is in Australia), and save up for one of these big boys. The regular clones retail for only $89 (not including shipping).

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