S.I.C. Vol.60: Sky Rider

It’s been a long while since I’ve had time to update this blog, what with all the things going on in life. So instead of the in-depth reviews provided previously, insomniactoys is now going act as more of a photo log of some my collectibles, with bits of pieces of commentary here and there.

Today we return with S.I.C. Vol.60, Sky Rider. The 1st of a string of 3 consecutive S.I.C. releases to complete the Showa 10 line-up.

While the figure appears to be based on the same body used on Rider X, the articulation has been improved 10 folds. The tightness of the joints are pretty much perfect, though the ankles continue to be a let down by lacking the consistency in the quality the other joints.

Design wise, everything from the neck down is perfect, and going back to the old scarf attachment used before Kamen Rider Stronger was a welcomed decision also. But boy is the QC bad on the head. Mine had half of its right eye scratched & matted as though it’s been buffed up by sandpaper, and to make things worse, there’s a black dot dead centre in the middle of the eye lodged inside, which can’t be removed by doing anything to the surface.

  1. great shots as always.. šŸ™‚

  2. nice shot bro, love the pics!

  3. the S.I.C Skyrider looks way meaner than the original costume which was really bulky. Pity about the scratched eyes though…since Skyrider has a really nice head. =(

  4. Seeing this made me realize that I never got around to getting one for myself.

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