PROJECT BM!: Masked Rider #1 (the next)

There isn’t going to be a review for this one, but just wanted to share some pictures of it!

Picked this one off amiami at just 12, 430 Y thanks to Medicom’s decision to re-issue this gem. Back when it first came out, it used to cost twice as much due to the sudden rise in Yen, and the steep drop in the Aussie dollar. But after reading that new bodies were used for this re-issue (the old ones apparently break easily, due to the brittleness of the plastic used), and seeing the price amiami had it listed for, it was a no brainer!

  1. love the shots and the fig.. hope I could get the “The First” and “The Next” Kamen Rider figs soon..

  2. how was the articulation on this figure? Do they act like as if the’ll gonna break?

  3. The articulation’s pretty good, and I believe this re-issue uses a newer body than that of the original release, so the bodies aren’t as brittle as they used to be. So far no problems at all.

  4. Finally got mine but still too afraid to move the body.. >.< LOL

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