SHF: Kamen Rider Exceed Gills

Being the stronger upgrade of Kamen Rider Gills, Exceed Gills does not only look more vicious and menacing than its earlier counterpart, but with spikes protruding from all angles, it isn’t someone you’d want to mess around with!

Much like its regular form, Exceed Gills comes with an alternate head, as well as several tentacle extensions which can be re-arranged to your liking.

The shoulder and chest pieces are given a subtle gradient effect to accentuate the textural qualities of the sculpt, and the red spikes protruding from its limbs are given an extra coat of gloss to set it apart from the matte black of its forearms. The extension segregation Bandai has given to Gills’ paint application compliments quite well to its organic design, and really negates the plastic quality that plagues the aesthetics of some action figures.

The clear piece of jewel in its buckle is another nice touch that makes it the icing on top of the cake.

Whilst the interchangeable parts that come with this figure would normally be seen as a pro for added playability, the fit simply isn’t secure enough and gives you nothing but trouble. The way they pop off on their own accord creates nothing but unnecessary obstacles and frustration to basic posing.

The aesthetics on the figure are superb, but the parts are prickly like an echidna, and definitely one you’d want to keep away from small children. It’s best to keep this one in the display cabinet.

Being one of the earlier SHF models to be made with plastic feet, the ball joint used on the ankle is far too weak to support the figure in challenging poses of any sort. Whilst it is essentially the same mould as the original Gills figure, the ankle joints are far looser, and serious to the point where a slight tremble could send it falling from a basic standing pose. I’d keep this one in a secure cabinet or in a crouching pose to be safe.

The tentacles probably sound like a great concept on paper, but isn’t something I’d display it with unless I have tons of space, or a couple of space Stage Act stands lying around to support it with.

Exceed Gills may be a fantastic looking figure to have in your display, but if you’re after something you can pick up and fiddle around with, I’d suggest going for Another Agito or the regular Kamen Rider Gills instead, as the extra attachments that come with this version is nothing but trouble.

  1. I gotta agree with your review, I have him and the parts keep on falling off, really a pain but his aesthetics more than make up for it. Personally I prefer Exceed’s red over normal Gills’ gold, maybe thats why Exceed Gills is my favorite Heisei rider. Anyways, gorgeous photos and mind adding me to your blogroll if you have any? I will add you to mine as well. =)

    • I’m quite new to the blog thing, so I’ll have to take a look at how the blogroll thing works first.

      I like the name of your look though! I’ll definitely have a look through it.

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