SHF: Weather Dopant

Shinkuro Isaka / the Weather Dopant is a re-occurring villain from Kamen Rider W, featured prominently towards the middle of the series, and is the third Kaijin to be given the S.H. Figuarts treatment. Weather Dopant is a Tamashii Web Exclusive figure released in the December of 2010.

Let’s start things off with a great big compliment. Weather Dopant stands amongst one of the most detailed and accurate Figuarts sculpts, alongside Nasca Dopant, Another Agito, N Daguva Zeba, and Kamen Rider Gills. And while the white of the costume comes moulded in its raw plastic colour, a subtle grey gradient has been applied to the edges to give the suit a much more textured look.

The figure comes with 3 extra pairs of hands painted in dark gold, and the Weather Mine device, a weapon which gives Isaka the dangerous ability to control the elements. One of which, is meant to be attached to its back when not in use.

A closer zoom at all the marvellous detail on this figure. The skirt, the tab under the dragon on the shoulder pads, and the extensions on its wrists are moulded in soft PVC plastic to avoid breakage. Excellent detail can be seen on every individual scale sculpted into the body of the twin dragons twirled around its waist, and the belly has been painted in a different white to the rest of the figure for added depth.

The figure’s stance and posture is simply fantastic, it’s just ready to intimidate and kick-ass right out of the box. Just a few simple twists and turns, and it’s ready to become a part of your proud display.

The arms cannot be raised horizontally to shoulder level, and the elbows cannot bend more than 90 degrees.

In the fashion of all the previous Kaijin releases, the feet are ball-jointed and made of plastic. However, I felt that the level of articulation in the ankle has been improved in comparison to similar models, and things look a little less awkward when the legs are spread out. (Due to the feet not being able to lay flat on the ground.)

The knee can bent backwards comfortably with no issue.

While it appears that there are some restrictions in regards to its articulation, I felt that there’s a notable improvement, when compared with similarly styled figures such as N. Daguva Zeba and Nasca Dopant. I certainly had a lot of fun posing this figure around, and it looks damn good in just about anything!

A thing that stood out in a negative light is the jewel located between the jaws of the twin dragons. It would really be the icing on top if this was done in a clear piece, but the mould line they have right in the centre is a little awkward.

Time for more pictures and a little less talk.

Isaka Sensei would like to you to take him home right now.

It’s not immediately obvious, but the articulation in the neck is actually pretty good. Despite producing some oddly malnourished Riders in the past, Bandai did a really outstanding job in beefing up Weather Dopant in accordance with the original design.

You might have noticed the samurai influence in Weather Dopant’s design, and I love how the symbol on the Weather Mine, is very reminiscence of symbols from around that era.

Without the Weather Dopant, there would be no Kamen Rider Accel. Even in joint forces, Shotaro, Philip, and Terui were not able to defeat Isaka’s Dopant form. Who will be the one to finally bring him down?

Those who have seen Kamen Rider W would no doubt agree that Weather Dopant was a stand out character responsible for many of the series’ memorable fight scenes, and I can say with confidence that its Figuarts form is equally impressive.

Although I haven’t given a review on any of the Figuarts releases since Kamen Rider Faiz, I have still been keeping up with them, and it’s a shame to say that all the majorly hyped releases just haven’t lived up to its anticipation. Weather Dopant on the other hand, is a personal favourite amongst its peers in the past few months. So if you’re in two minds about it, you’d better decide while it’s still available, because an action figure of a Kamen Rider Kaijin isn’t an opportunity to be taken for granted!

  1. I’m glad you like yours. Mine’s just waiting to be sent to me, and I’m excited for its release. Good to see that it’s as bad ass as it looks.

    • RoyVF1
    • January 13th, 2011

    man, that looks amazing, sadly i dont think ill be able to collect SHF/SIC for awhile since i spent my money on a PG model hahaha

    do you also have nazca/r nazca figuarts?

    • Nightslash3535
    • January 13th, 2011

    I don’t really have much money to spend on SHF exclusives, but I think these exclusives were really cool looking, I think I might get Accel Trial, it’s a good compliment to the W Cyclone Joker Xtreme SHF.

  2. Nice review 🙂
    If only Nazca and Weather aren’t limited. Those two are definitely two of the best kaijin costume I’ve seen in a while.

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