S.I.C. Kiwami: Kamen Rider Faiz

In a series of S.I.C. Kiwami reviews, we now take a look at the 4th Heisei rider, Kamen Rider Faiz.

Much like our previous subject, Kiwami Den-O (Sword Form), Kamen Rider Faiz is very similar in appearance to its larger brother. The colours used however, are a more eye-catching, as the gunmetal on the regular S.I.C. has been replaced with a bright silver.

Given the number of accessories that Faiz has, what was actually included with this figure was a real let down. The selection of hands available is limited, and the Faiz Shot wasn’t even included as a weapon that can be equipped. The Faiz Phone is only available in Phone Blaster Mode, and the Faiz Pointer cannot be attached as an add-on. The Faiz Edge however, is recreated in clear red, giving it an impressive glowing effect.

As many of you would know, the eyes make up the soul of a Kamen Rider, and Kiwami Faiz was a serious let down in this department. Mine is so murky, it looks as though it’s been buffed up by a rough sheet of sandpaper, and has no sheen to it at all. And as a result, the shade of yellow looks much paler than I would have liked. The metallic red highlights are also a little inconsistent, where some areas appear very vibrant, whilst others are more pinkish. Granted, the figure is still as detailed as every other S.I.C. and the sculpt work is solid as always, but the problems plagued by its QC was just a bit much.

You only get one Faiz Pointer, and it can be attached and removed from the Faiz Driver/Power Anklet as you desire.

A comparison shot with the recently released S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz.

The figure does a fairly good job at recreating Faiz’s signature pose.

Crimson Smash! (without the effects…)

I’m forced to use a stand here, because the figure suffers from very weak knees.

Kamen Rider Faiz could have been another quality Kiwami figure, but mine suffered from so many problematic QC issues, it’s not something that can just be overlooked. And from what I’ve read, the issue with the knees was actually pretty common throughout most of the stock. In spite of its flaws, it’s still a passable figure, but in comparison with the others from my recent batch of Kiwami purchases, this was the most disappointing of the bunch. It looked really amazing in other people’s pictures, but it just wasn’t quite the same in my hands. Some of the issues I’ve listed are nitpicky, and aren’t the end of the world, but the issue with the eyes and the weak knee joints were a real killjoy. If you have the option to purchase this figure in person, make your own judgement with your eyes, maybe you’ll have better luck than me.

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