S.I.C. Kiwami: Kamen Rider Den-O

Based off S.I.C.’s Kamen Rider Den-O (Sword Form) released in 2008, this miniature incarnation is the 5th Heisei Rider to make his way into the Kiwami line-up. Seeing as the original S.I.C. was still a relatively recent release, its transition into a Kiwami figure was very faithful to its precursor.

The DenGasher sword is moulded as one solid piece, which makes things a little more secure than the original, which was detachable. The attachments on the Den-O belt however, do have a habit of popping off every now and then. But seeing as it is moulded with and without the Combination Armament, there’s also the advantage of not seeing any pegs sticking out whilst the weapon is in use.

The chest piece is every bit as detailed as the original, and while a lack of transparent parts are used on the body, metallic colours and appropriate panel lines are still utilised to maximise the figure’s detail.

Let’s look at a few portrait shots to get a clearer picture of things. Note how every button on the Den-O Belt has been coloured individually. The height of the buttons are no more than half a millimetre, and little details like these really demonstrates how much Bandai can manage to fit into a 4.5 inch figure that retails for 1,200 Y. (If they want to, that is!)

Sculpt-wise, Kiwami Den-O is very faithful to the original S.I.C. The colours however, are much more subdued, and lack the sharpness that makes the original pop.

None of the hands supplied is able to maintain a sturdy grip on the Rider Pass (it kind of just hangs on very loosely), which was a major disappointment. The eyes however, are the clearest and glossiest I have seen on a Kiwami figure.

Articulation is solid, but not as flexible as the original S.I.C. in the lower body.

The opening gimmick seen on the thighs in the original has been replaced by a regular piece with a red metallic paint job.

Good luck trying to pose it swiping the Rider Pass across the SetTouch, because it’s bloody damn hard!

Compared to other Kiwami figures (other than Hibiki), it’s got a reasonably good grip on the DenGasher, so not all is lost.

Thanks to Ando’s outstanding interpretation, Kamen Rider Den-O is arguably one of the best looking S.I.C. Kiwami figures released. For those who love the original S.I.C. design but cannot afford it due to its price point (or simply do not want to chow down an unwanted Momotaros figure), Kiwami’s offering is one that you simply cannot miss. Solid articulation, superb aesthetics, coupled with a budget friendly price, if it weren’t for its issues with holding the Rider Pass, Kamen Rider Den-O would have been an easy 10 out of 10.

  1. Man… this review makes me want to start collecting Kiwami Tamashii’s… is it too late for me to accept this poison?

    • Not at all! I only started last month, and got Faiz, Den-O, Blade King Form, Hibiki and Auto-Vajin all in one go. Plus they are re-issuing Blade this month.

    • V-
    • November 12th, 2010

    All your reviews are always gorgeous!
    Would you get around to do a photography tutorial? 😀

    • Thanks for the compliment, I’ve just taken tips from other tutorials.
      It’s really just 2 desk lamps, some tracing paper, and a sheet of background paper. 😉

  2. My favorite thing about this figure is how solid it feels. I was really pleased with Sword Form after the mild disappointment of the weak-kneed Faiz KTs (my Blaster form arrived with a broken leg, in fact).

    • Hope you managed to get your Blaster Form replaced, my Faiz came with very weak knees also, and really foggy eyes.

      • Fortunately, I did. I emailed HLJ with some photos of the break, they contacted Bandai, and in 4 weeks (thanks to SAL) I received a pair of new legs for him!

  3. well done, great photography as always

  4. yeah..agree with you..it’s cool little thing..i also have one of this..love it so much..

    i still haven’t pose it much…

    anyway, nice photo shoot..

    • Nightslash3535
    • January 8th, 2011

    Do you think that I should pick KT Wild Chalice? Because some reviews have mixed opinions about it.

    • I don’t have that figure, so I’m afraid I can’t give you any advice about it.

    • StereoSushiNL
    • February 10th, 2012

    Hey man, nice review.
    I know this is a old review but i got this figure in the mail today and DAMN, I LOVE IT!!!
    I bought it because of this review so i wanted to give a quick thank you =)
    Keep up the awesome!


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