SHF: Kamen Rider Faiz

With the release of Kamen Rider Faiz hitting shelves, collectors are another step closer towards their goal of completing the Heisei 10. Sculpted with a very different set of proportions to its predecessors, Faiz received mixed reactions from fans.

While the paint application had a very clean finish as always, the general proportions of the figure suffered from many shortcomings. The main problem that stood out immediately to most people was the thighs, which had an odd feminine curve to it. While some argue that the stockier look is a more faithful representation of the original costume, the extra bulk lacks the muscle definition a masculine body should have. The head is also a little elongated, but that is not a big concern; the real problem lies in the fact that it is simply way too small! The whole situation is made worse by its relatively clunky chest piece and awkwardly shaped thighs, and it was a real shame to see this happen to the main character of a series.

In terms of accessories, Faiz comes packed with just about everything short of his motorcycle, the Auto-Vajin. This includes 3 different states in which the Faiz Driver appears during transformation, the Faiz Edge, the Faiz Phone (including its Phone Blaster Mode), the Faiz Shot, and the Faiz Pointer. The Faiz Shot knuckle is moulded with the hand as one piece, which keeps the device to scale as it was intended. The Faiz Pointer can also be equipped and removed from the Faiz Driver/Energy Holster as desired.

Whilst the size of the head feels out of proportion to the rest of the body, it still merits some praise as a stand-alone piece. The eyes are crispy clear as per the recent releases, and a metallic colour has been used on the red highlights of the helmet. The hands however, lack the silver fingertips from the original design, but swaps out easily like the earlier SHF models. Certain parts of the suit where it is black has been given a light matte treatment, although one that is not completely even (ala, in the ‘Robot Damashii’ fashion).

The core piece of the Faiz Driver is removable, and can be displayed in the state of your choice.

Leg articulation remains to be impressive, but 90 degrees is as far as the elbows go. The mobility in the hip/waist area is also limited.

All the buttons and little details are sculpted into the Faiz Phone as opposed to simply being printed on. It’s a shame that the device isn’t articulated like the phone that came with Rising Ixa, but the plus side is that it is sturdier, and slimmer.


The lady thighs can be hidden through strategic posing, and the right angles.

It’s time to show off Faiz’s selection of weaponry.

The weapons are all moulded in ABS plastic with crisp detail.

Due to its handle design, the Faiz Edge locks firmly onto the hands.

Crimson Smash!

While it may not bother the most faithful of fans, objectively speaking, S.H. Figuarts Faiz does have some notable proportion issues. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in the play value with its high accessory count, and fluid articulation. It is not the best S.H. Figuarts has offered, but still withholds a certain level of quality.

    • RoyVF1
    • November 22nd, 2010

    Hello there, what a nice blog you have here

    Nice review of faiz and youre really good at photography. yeah, i notice the proportion issue as well, which is a shame cuz faiz is one of my favoirte heisei kamen rider, anyways, I might pick up Faiz Accel if they are going to release it, do they have a release date set for that?

    • Thanks for the comment!

      They revealed a Faiz Accel prototype in a recent toy exhibition, but there’s been no word on an actual release date so far. But no doubt we’ll see it some time in 2011.

        • RoyVF1
        • November 23rd, 2010

        Aaaah i see thanks for the info, so what figuarts or SIC ur going to get next?

  1. For Figuarts, whatever comes out next! Though I don’t always have the time or motivation to review every one of them. I’m having Kiva Emperor Form shipping my way right now.

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