S.I.C.: Kamen Rider Stronger

It’s been over two year since the last S.I.C. release of a Showa rider, the double pack of Kamen Rider X and Apollogeist. Kamen Rider Stronger comes packaged in a similar format, with its sidekick, Electro-Wave Human Tackle. (which I have not unwrapped from its wire bound jungle, due to a complete lack of interest)  With the arrival of Stronger, collector’s can rejoice, as the milestone of the Showa 7 (Eikou no 7) has finally been completed!

Overall, the sculpt is excellent, and colours are used to an eye-catching effect. That is not to say that there are no criticisms. The shape of the thighs are in fact a little odd, due to the way it juts out towards the middle, and some of the hands are cut at an unusual angle, which makes some of the postures appear a little awkward.

Accessories to change into “Charge Up” form are included.

The creative use of translucent parts on the figure mixed in with glossy metallics produced some really great results. By making the giant ‘S’ symbol on its chest much more subdued and hidden beneath a clear chest piece really gave Stronger’s design a much more contemporary spin. Much like some of the early S.I.C. figures with removable chest pieces, strong attention to detail is never neglected, even in hidden compartments. Bandai has gone to the extent of using clear parts for every individual piece of the belt, which resulted in a really fun to look at lollipop-effect.

The shoulders are attached with a peg joint, and can move up and down to make way for articulation.

One of the major selling points of this figure advertised by Bandai was the newly introduced light-up gimmick. Though sadly, this was compromised in exchange for zero neck articulation, which was a terrible move in my opinion.

The light-up gimmick is activated by simply pressing the button located at the back.

The scarf comes attached with a double jointed peg which gives an additional range of articulation, something that is seen for the first time in S.I.C. figures. However, it definitely loses a few points in aesthetics for being so visible and out of place. The old single jointed peg system for the scarfs actually gave a pretty decent range of motion, but the lack of neck articulation in this figure really makes this improvement neither here nor there.

Time to see it in action.

Some light-up shots.

Time to Charge-up!!

The gathering of the 7 Glorious Riders.

While I had no interest in Tackle, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to own a set of the 7 original Showa Riders for the first time. (It’s a long story) The S.I.C. Kamen Rider Stronger is a great sculpt topped with a fantastic paint job. While it does come with some really awkward limitations in posing, it still serves as an exciting display piece. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preferences of characters. I think with the S.I.C. stylization, this is going to be one incarnation of a Showa rider even Heisei fans would love.

  1. Haha, the Tackle totally discouraged me to buy this SIC (similar to the FFR Gouram discouraged me to buy the upcoming SIC Kuuga Decade ver.) ;^^

    lack of neck articulation really bothered me, as it reduces the possibility of dynamic poses. Not to mention the light-up doesn’t seem satisfactory either. 😦

    It was a real shame, because visual-wise, I think this is the best looking Heisei Rider SIC so far.

  2. good review like this always makes me want to buy more SIC 😀

    • Nightslash3535
    • November 18th, 2010

    Recommended to be posed in a dark background, with minimal lighting setup, with his eyes on.

    • Chan c w
    • May 14th, 2013

    Hi currently I have only stronger and tackle but I would like to know where could I purchase the rest o the collection and how much

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