Robot Damashii: Den’an Gei

Released 3 months after the acclaimed Robot Damashii Gundam F91, comes Bandai’s first offering from Crossbone Vanguard, the mass produced MS, Den’an Gei. This suit was never released as part of the 1/100 scale Gundam F91 Gunpla line in the 90s, and seeing it as the forerunner in the Robot Damashii line came as a bit of a surprise.

I owned the Den’an Zon model kit when I was a kid, so naturally, that would’ve been the MS I looked forward to having in my hands again. But I needed a villain with my F91, and Gei came first and I caved, so let’s take a look.

The figure comes with 3 pairs of hands (fists, weapon holding, and open palms), a beam rifle, beam sabre, and a beam shield.

The backpack itself is actually quite heavy, so expect to fiddle around a bit if you’re trying to get the figure to stand straight in a convincing stance.

The Crossbone Vanguard emblem imprinted on the suit’s chest is recreated in crisp detail, so rejoice for not having to put up with tacky stickers or annoying decals! The thrusters located throughout the suit are beautiful to look at, as the glossy gunmetal and matte red in which it is painted in really adds another dimension to the figure’s aesthetics.

The eyes are painted in metallic blue, as the lustre of the paint makes it stand out more than using clear blue plastic alone. Although I wonder if the effect could excel even more if they had combined the use of clear plastic with a coat of silver underneath.

The metal supported joints are fantastic to play with, as they remain very solid even after numerous reposes. Though the wrist articulation has taken a step back, as the part connecting to the forearm is fixed. Gundam F91’s used a double ball-jointed system for the wrist, which allowed for a much greater range of movement, and it was disappointing to see that this does not follow suit.

Another let down was that there is no longer a hole positioned between the legs for you to plug in a Stage Act stand, which in my opinion, gave you a better range of angles than clipping onto the waist.

The flap covering the feet and most of the rocket thrusters are adjustable.

The beam shield is much easier to attach this time compared to the F91. An alternate piece is provided for when the shield is not activated, and is designed for 360 degrees rotation, which gives a great boost to the figure’s play value. In addition to the 360 degrees rotation, it can also be adjusted by up to 30 degrees on the other axis.

While the shield itself is fairly thin, its transparency level is not as good as what I would expect a beam shield to be. In fact, the shield is pretty murky and comes tainted with a handful of scratches. This is one aspect of Robot Damashii figures that seem to be a consistent let down, especially when you take into consideration how far the Bandai Hobby department has gone in improving the shields of model kits in recent years. I goes as far to say that even the shields on the old 1/100 kits from the 90s look better than some of the RD ones!

The beam rifle is painted in the same glossy gunmetal colour as the thrusters.

It may seem that the accessory count is somewhat lacking, but the shield’s flexibility really is a brilliant feature that allows for a greater variety of poses.

A beam gun is mounted discreetly on its left arm.

The beam sabre is vibrant in colour, and is detachable from the beam handle.

The Crossbone Vanguard dukes out its forces, and tries to take down the advanced Mobile Suit F91 in its way.

Regardless of whether you have a F91 or not, Den’an Gei is a great looking Robot Damashii MS to have. Added with the fact that it was never given the time of the day in the F91 Gunpla line-up, is a good enough reason for any Gundam fans to get a hold of one in its Robot Spirits carnation. It’s a great looking suit that is unique to most MS designs, and there is little to flaw with the sculpt, finish, or design. If you have a few extra bucks or are looking to expand your collection of Robot Damashii MSs, Den’an Gei is definitely worth giving a shot.

    • BlazeEagle
    • February 29th, 2012

    I appreciate your nice review! Good job!

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