SHF: Kamen Rider Accel

Prepare the following ingredients:
–    1 x Char’s Zaku II,
–    1 x Optimus Prime,
–    1 x old-school Lego spaceman helmet
–    and maybe a bit of the old ol’ Turn A Gundam

Chop and dice, tip the lot into the pot, give it a couple of stirs. And there you have it, the recipe for Kamen Rider W’s secondary star, Kamen Rider Accel.

Accel may not be the prettiest rider on the block, but it sure turned out to be one hell of an impressive action-figure. Coated from head to toe in a sparkling metallic red and chrome silver, it’s guaranteed to be an eye-catcher on any collector’s shelf.

Considering that W’s HeatMetal figure was painted in 2 non-matching metallic reds where it was meant to be consistent, I was dubious about the reliability of Bandai’s promo shots of Accel. But in the end, we got what we saw, no harm done.

Accel comes packaged with a total of 11 hands, and its signature weapon, the Engine Blade. The figure’s articulation is sturdy, but moves fluidly with ease.

The collar gets in the way of the neck’s articulation, and it’s a shame that the figure doesn’t come with a head that feature its “light-up” mode. But that is something that can be fixed with a little DIY, as the visor can actually be removed if you’re careful. After removing the visor, you’ll find that the circular pattern which lights up in the show is actually sculpted onto the face underneath. If you paint that particular area silver (which is originally metallic red), and put the visor back into place, it will give the appearance of lighting up underneath the mask.

Most of the figure is covered in metallics, with the exception of the black parts and the joints. For those who complain chronically about the use of black joints on W’s line of S.H. Figuarts, you will be giddy to know that Accel comes moulded with red joints this time. But expect them to be of a raw plastic red colour. The overall level of detail on this figure is very high, and the chrome silver used certainly made him extra slick.

The Engine Blade is articulated and can assume the form of being loaded without the need to remove any parts, now these are the type of gimmicks collectors love to see!

The figure may not be able to FFR into its Bike Form (thank goodness…), but the wheels located on its heels are fully rotatable. As for what you can actually do with them…well, that’s up to you.

Despite the bulky design of the breast plate, it doesn’t hinder the figure’s ability to hold the Engine Blade with both hands at all.

I honestly can’t remember when at all, did Ryuu gave someone a thumbs-down sign in the show.

The handlebar on the Accel Driver can be reached comfortably, allowing you to recreate your favourite henshin and Maximum Drive poses.

With both hands resting on the handlebar at ease, why not challenge yourself and see how close you can get this figure to assume the Bike Form?

Do not ask me any questions!

All the little crevasses on its abdomen resembling a truck front had been sculpted in fine detail, and with a flawless paint job.

Maximum Drive!

Accel’s attempt to mimic the Lionheart with his “Gunblade”.

In addition to the praise it deserves for its articulation, the paint and sculpt work of the Engine Blade is also meticulously detailed. The same can be said for the Accel Driver, as even the texture of the handlebars has been faithfully recreated.

Sometimes you question yourself if such a small figure is really worth the price it goes for, but then you notice the level of work they’ve put into such minute details, and you realise it’s actually quite astonishing to that they are able to maintain this level of quality in a figure of this scale.

The shoulder armour may be chunky like the chest design, but they pose little obtrusion to the figure’s articulation.

Double Riders! (note the pun)

FangJoker vs. Accel

Differences reconciled.

Despite not being a fan of Accel’s design, I was thoroughly impressed with the merits of this figure. It was obvious that Bandai didn’t take any shortcuts this time round, and the streamlined design of SHF figures really worked in its favour.  I think fans of Kamen Rider W will find this to be an impressive companion piece to compliment their CycloneJoker / FangJoker in display. Even if Accel may not quite be your cup of tea, it’ll still stand proudly flaunting its impressive shiny armour!

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