SHF: Kamen Rider G4

Released only a week prior to Kamen Rider G3-X, G4 is a teaser to build up for the hype of the main feature, G3-X. Due to the strong similarities in design it has to G3-X, G4 was originally something that did not make my monthly shopping list, as I have written it off as a repaint. But after seeing some snaps of the final product; how could I resist the temptation of its black and silver décor, with such beautiful sparkling blue eyes?

S.H. Figuarts continues to excel in the optics department, by recreating the charm of Kamen Riders’ trademark “bug-eyes” to a very high quality. The articulation is also fantastically fluid like most releases that have adopt the use of the body-type first used on Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form.

The hands included are well sculpted as usual, in very natural gestures. The other accessories include a pistol, as well as the “Gigant”, a giant missile launcher with 4 removable missiles, which made a cameo with Decade in the theatrical release of “Kamen Rider Decade: Movie War 2010”.

Everything is amazingly detailed on this figure of G4; even the amount of effort put into its back is impressive. At a glance, it would appear that only silver has been applied on top of raw black plastic. But if you look closely, the entire suit of black armour on the figure is actually enriched with a subtle metallic black. The effect is most apparent on its chest armour, where speckles of glitter powder can clearly be seen to give off a more cybernetic lustre. Judging from the paint application, I believe the effect is achieved via layering a coat of black on top of a silver base. It really is a great treat for the fans to know that Bandai has put in so much effort into G4, especially when he isn’t even a central character.

The panel lines are etched in deeply, and look fantastic out of the box, without a need for further inking.

Even very fine details such as the ‘G’ emblem on its chest has been sculpted in as opposed to being just printed on, which really goes to show what the sculptors employed at Bandai are capable of.

Some profile shots.

One of the most delightful gimmicks of this figure in my opinion; is not the much talked about missile launcher that everybody was raving about, but the fact that the pistol can be mounted subtly on its thighs! And what I like about it most, is that it’s comfortably within arm’s reach, and looks completely naturally.

A very minor gripe I have though; is that the right-hands provided do not really fit all that ideally with the pistol, considering the gun is attached to its right thigh.

The left hand however, is able to fit in much more snugly with the trigger.

Having previously mentioned the issues Kamen Rider Ixa had in regards to its skirt armour being a hindrance to its articulation, Bandai has decided to address the issue by moulding the skirt armour of G4 in a softer PVC plastic, which allows for greater flexibility when posing.

The missile launcher can be a great posing prop even when not held in G4’s hands. Thanks to the use of die-cast and the sturdiness of SHF’s ankle and feet joints, you can pose your figures with a confidence that cannot be said for other figure lines.

As mentioned earlier, love the detail in the backpack, and here’s a closer look at it.

The improved choice in material used for the skirt armour allows for rider kicks to be recreated much more naturally than ever before.

One of my favourite poses for G4, there’s just an appeal to it when it’s carrying the missile launcher while on the move.

Now, if you prefer to mount the monster on its shoulders, the cable is merely an optional addition. The Gigant can still he held in place comfortably and balance without the assistance of the cord.

Removable missiles!

Send the missiles flying however you want, maybe there’s a Revoltech effects part out there that compliments it?

Time to enter the fight club.

There have been lots of goodies coming out in May, and the temptation must be overwhelming to those on a very limited budget. But G4 is definitely an unexpected black horse that stood out amongst the competition. This figure has been flying off the shelves, and for very good reason.

Aesthetic wise, the figure looks brilliant, the paint app. and detail work are all top-notch. Not to mention, the articulation is impressively smooth, which makes things all the more fun. There is little I can fault with the figure. Kamen Rider G4 definitely has my seal of approval, and is a great buy for new and old fans alike. Be sure to grab one while it’s still hot!

  1. nice review as always 🙂

    • Nightslash3535
    • September 13th, 2010

    The body type was actually debuted in SHF Domon Kasshu.

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