SHF: Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate (Dark Eyes Ver.)

Hype driven, and tactically unethical in its release format, I present Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate.

I must shamefully admit that I gave in to the hype. Decision-wise, it wasn’t that difficult. I just picked the lesser of the two evils, the cheaper one. And that is the story of how I ended up with the angsty Dark Eyes version. Also available is a Red Eyes version, which is a Toei Hero Net exclusive, the Dark Eyes version is a Tamashii Web exclusive.

I do not own the Red Eyes version, but judging from the numerous pictures plastered throughout the web, the 2 figures are identical in every aspect except for the colour of their eyes.

For reasons unknown, Rising Ultimate towers over all your other S.H. Figuarts Kamen Riders, despite being of the same height as any other Rider in the live-action flick. But given his steroid-pumped aesthetics, and the boss of the playground image, he still manages to fit in despite the inconsistent height. (IMO, he really is just a Decade fodder designed to make money.)

Accessory wise, he comes with the same exchangeable hands as Kuuga Mighty Form, and Rising Mighty. Including Godai’s signature ‘thumbs up’ gesture.

A translucent ash-grey Stage Act is also included in the pack.

Rising Ultimate is pointy sharp, and you might want to take extra care of where you place your hands as you pose and exchange body parts. The details are sculpted fairly well, and the fine grey lines appearing throughout the body are painted in line.

The Amadam stone is actually produced with clear parts, but the paint is so thick, it appears opaque under normal lighting conditions. If you shine a torch directly at the spot within close proximity, you might be able to see the details more clearly though. If the one you have appears clearer to you than mine, consider yourself to be in great luck. Much like Rising Mighty and Amazing Mighty, Grongi lettering has been imprinted onto the back of each hand.

The arms on Rising Ultimate actually appear too bit long if you rest it down straight by its side, and that is because you cannot push the shoulder joint up all the way with the shoulder armour in the way. If you display your figures standing uniformly in rows, it’s best to leave this one at the back where this flaw can be covered up, or get creative with posing.

For this figure, Bandai decided to adopt the old joint system for the thighs, which makes it extendable as shown in the image. If you have difficulty imagining it, it is the same joint system used on the Dragon Ball figures, and on Another Agito and Kamen Rider W.

All the black parts come in its original plastic colour, and the gold is rather dull and muddy looking. Given the money Bandai has made by splitting what should have been one figure into two separate exclusive releases, they really could have casted a subtle gradient on the gold armour to enhance its appearance, or at least ink in some of the panel lines with  dark brown to give it a little more depth.

QC-wise, a fair bit of complaints has arisen with the February releases, and mine came with its fair share. This includes a hairline scratch of around 3 mm on the dead centre of the chest, a few bubbles on the left shoulder armour, a very loose toe, and 2 loose thigh joints, which causes the legs to fall if you try to pose with a Rider kick. Of all the SHF I own, this one stands out as having the most problematic joints.

The opened claw-like hands shown in the image below, is probably the one you’ll find attached to your figure most often.

Let’s tune up the evilness with some hellish red lighting.

Kuuga says no to exclusives.

ARGH……MOORE exclusives!?


Is the figure worth shelling out the premium bucks for? To be honest, not really. Though, if you really like the design of Kuuga Rising Ultimate, that’s obviously going to be the big decision maker. Granted, it is an original sculpt, and the overall proportions are very good, but the paint job really does falls flat with the treatment of the gold. This appears to be a very hit or miss colour in regards to SHFs, where it looks good in the case of the Agitos and Kuuga Amazing Mighty, but a tad muddy for other figures such as the other Kuugas and Kintaros Imagin.

Paying any more than 5,500-6,000 yen for it is kind of pushing it, and the Red Eyes version just isn’t worth the higher price tag at all for the novelty factor of being a Toei Hero Net exclusive.

I wrote this review in March and haven’t posted it ‘til now. If you’re new to the line, and the Rising Ultimate isn’t a must-have for you, spend the money on the more recent Gills, G3-X, and G4 instead. They are worth every penny!

    • Anthony
    • June 24th, 2010

    Wow, fantastic photos and poses as always! 🙂 Say no to exclusives! Great review too!

    I wonder what you’d be able to do with figmas~

    • devilrider88
    • June 24th, 2010

    bravo for a great review. looking forward towards your future review. is it possible that u will cover MG figurise kamen rider W?

  1. Anthony > I don’t own any figmas, since none of the characters have really interested me so far. I was tempting with Lum (another show from my childhood), but it was pricey and sold out in most places anyway. I’ll see what happens with their release of Ayanami, I do love my Eva. 😛

    devilrider88 > Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately I have no plans to get the MG Figurise Kamen Rider W. Sadly, I don’t really have the time for models, and the SHF Kamen Rider W already satisfies my W fix.

  2. I love your photography and editing skills. Good review by the way 😉

    • Nightslash3535
    • July 10th, 2010

    SHF Ultimate Kuuga means no fear, no pain and no blowing up $70+ for this one.

  3. >>IMO, he really is just a Decade fodder designed to make money.

    can’t agree more.
    I hate how they took the most iconic heisei Rider, unnecessarily power him up even more than he need to (Ultimate Kuuga can crack Earth, do we really need even more power?), and make his signature move… a Force Lightning.

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