SHF: Kamen Rider Rising Ixa

Released as part of the Tamashii Web Exclusive line you’d love to hate, Rising Ixa is more or less a repaint of the original Ixa with new sculpts created for the head and the upper body. Most of the other parts, including the weapons, were simply re-moulded due to similarities in the original show costume.

From a glance, the figure is much more eye-catching than the original with its colourfully detailed chest piece and metallic blue scheme. And best of all; you’re saved the decision to make a choice between displaying it in one of the two heads available!

Rising Ixa also manages to hold its posture much better, as it does not come with demerits caused by loose shoulder joints. The black is applied in a similarly glossy fashion as the white in Ixa, and the raw white plastic used on the figure appears to be PVC, which feels softer, and less smooth than the type used on W FangJoker’s arms. The QC is great, and the overall paint application is very crisp. Even minor details such as the red stripes on the shoulder pads are accentuated with a gloss coat to match the red on the chest piece.

This upgraded model comes with all the accessories Ixa originally had, and more. This is a minor detail that may pass over the heads of some, but the paint job of the weaponry is less vibrant than the original. The gold colour used is not quite as rich and vibrant, but skewed more towards a metallic yellow. The red on the Ixa Calibur is also a little washed out in comparison to the old one.

The sculpt work is very detailed, and the fact that most of it is painted in metallics really helps accentuate the highlights in the crevasses and line-work of the figure. As said earlier, the chest piece does makes up for a large part of this figure’s appeal, where most of the detail is situated. The raw white plastic used does indeed look…very raw and unprocessed. But the other painted portions of the figure manages to hide it well, and minimises its weaknesses.

The fuestles once again come in a 3-in-1 pack, and are identical to the set that came with Ixa.

The metallic blue is not the glossy type you’d come to expect from an SHF figure such as Gatack or Kuuga Dragon Form. Instead, it’s a matte metallic with a glittering powder effect, but still very photogenic nonetheless.

The Ixariser comes moulded in two separate pieces to represent the gun mode and cell-phone mode of the device. They can also be opened up for added play value.

The Ixa Knuckle comes with the same mould issues as the original. The peg of the belt attachment (sans knuckle) is a little larger than the hole it attaches onto on the front of the waist. It still attaches perfectly fine, but the problem is it loosens the hold on the device when the knuckle itself is still in one piece.

Posing proves to be a lot easier with stronger shoulder joints, and the shoulder pads do not flip up awkwardly. However, the lower part of the neck is still faced with issues of limited mobility.

Let’s take a look at some of the other weaponry.

I am not 100% certain about this, but the thighs appear to have better mobility than Ixa, because I remember the skirt armour getting in the way.

Time to call Me-gu-mi for a date.

You can never quite get bored with striking new poses for this thing, when it comes with so many accessories. Swords, phones, guns, knuckles, you name it. Or how about a combination of the ones listed above?

The past and the present, back to back.

At the end of the day, I would say Rising Ixa is a very solid figure. Despite the fact that a lot of the mould is reused from Ixa, the obvious difference in the overall aesthetics, and feel as a toy does justify a purchase of its own even if you already own a Kamen Rider Ixa or two. The main problem is its price tag as a Tamashii Web Exclusive, and it all boils down to how much you like the character/suit design.

I for one, brought this with the intention to collect the main line-up of Kamen Rider Kiva, seeing as the characters do not have gazillion forms and the overall designs are fair. Rising Ixa is a fairly integral part of the supporting cast in the final chapter of Kamen Rider Kiva, and if you have any intentions of recreating any of the climatic scenes in the series, I would say the figure is pretty worthwhile.

Now, if only Bandai begins working on a S.H. Figuarts Kiva, because to me, the Souchaku Henshin is simply not an acceptable substitute! Emporer Form, Dark Kiva, and Saga would be much appreciated also, seeing as they can re-use the mould between Emporer Form and Dark Kiva anyway. It’s win-win. 😉

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