S.I.C.: Kamen Rider Ixa

I initially saw Ixa as a side dish that I was forced to choke down in order to obtain Dark Kiva. But as the official promotion shots of Vol.54 surfaced, it changed my mind. And I assume the same must have occurred to many others, because the pre-order slots for Vol.54 were filled up very soon after!

The most notable differences between the design of S.I.C.’s Ixa and the original show costume, is the extended face mask of Save Mode, which forms into a crucifix and the redesigned shoulder pads. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the re-imagined shoulder armour as I’ve always found the shape of the original to be very awkward, whereas S.I.C.’s interpretation manages to improve the overall proportions of the design and adds that extra bit of spunk to Ixa’s Catholic School Boy image. The addition of translucent yellow parts also worked to great effect in fulfilling the ‘Imaginative’ aspect of an S.I.C.

An exchangeable head for Burst Mode was to be expected, but moulding the Ixa Knuckle and the hand holding it as one piece is a pleasant surprise, as it allows the device to be recreated in accurate proportion to the suit. This was a criticism founded by fans with the S.H. Figuarts release, and it’s good to know that Bandai decided to do something about it.

The panel lines of the hands have also been given some nice subtle detailing in brown, which gives it a rusted look that fits in really well with S.I.C.’s ‘rougher-around-the-edges’ aesthetics.

The chest is represented with a great big chunk of die-cast, collectors who place great emphasis on the weight of a figure will no doubt be pleased. Die-cast can also be found on the knees. The Ixa Calibur can be taken apart to switch between Gun Mode and Calibur Mode, which is a pretty nice gimmick.

However, the QC of the figure is quite poor. The off-white used on the figure is neither gloss, nor matte; it’s in-between, which gives off a somewhat oily appearance. The panel lines also give the impression as though it were painted on haphazardly with a Gundam Marker by an amateur modeller before the paint has properly dried. It’s a shame, because I think it’s a waste of a fantastic sculpt.

Another bone I have to pick with the figure is that the shoulder pads are horribly lopsided. They don’t align in any way whatsoever, and it’s not some asymmetric design that was intentional. The holes in which the pads plug into the back are neither centred, nor in alignment horizontally. The shape of the right shoulder pad might even be a little warped, because there is a funny gap between it and the actual shoulders. The problem can be alleviated with strategic posing, but for a collectible at this price point, it shouldn’t happen.

The design itself is actually very good, given that the pads should join seamlessly whilst providing some leeway for shoulder articulation, but somewhere in production, things must have gone wrong.

Due to the improved design of the Ixa Knuckle, some of the signature poses can be recreated in a much more convincing manner than its SHF incarnation.

Due to the nature of the head and the neck joint, the tilting that can be achieved is fairly minimal. (The head is attached to the neck with a one-sided ball joint, where the other side is a peg) If you would like the head to dip down more, I’d suggest adjusting the hips and waist joints to achieve a more badass posture for your Ixa.

By now, you can probably tell that I prefer Otoya and the ‘86 characters in Save Mode more, as I haven’t gotten to Burst Mode yet. It’s more or less the same deal but with a different head screwed on.

The head is slightly meaner than the original, but still closely resembles the original in all the important parts with very little re-imagining done. The fuestles are so flimsy that they are guaranteed to fall out during general posing and are likely to bounce off into the mystic corners of your room. So what I’ve decided to do is display it as Save Mode, and don’t bother with them at all.

If you prefer to depict your figure in Burst Mode and don’t want to lose them, I suggest that you display it in an enclosed cabinet, or secure it with some Blu-Tac or any other adhesive of your choice.

I think fans of Ixa will undoubtedly be pleased with the figure; it’s a solid companion to Dark Kiva that could have been really great if not for the coarse level of quality control. But as a whole, Super Imaginative Chogokin Vol.54 is definitely a twin pack worth investing in, and a great introduction that would surely impress if you have yet taken the dive into the world of S.I.C.

    • Nightslash3535
    • July 5th, 2010

    I think these figures were one of my SIC surprise buys, I originally intended to get Kiva Emperor, but when I saw this and I said to myself “Screw Kiva Emperor, this set’s worth the deal without costing a bomb.” I’m looking forward on the Stronger and Tackle set.

    • F>O>N
    • August 6th, 2010

    how about you do the rising form version

  1. I bought these as my first SIC, and I can really say I glad I did.

    I didn’t quite like Kiva’s story/writing (designs were pretty good though), and the only character I liked is Otoya, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to get this Otoya package XD

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