SHF: Kuuga Rising Mighty

Coined officially as the first Kamen Rider of the Heisei Era, Kamen Rider Kuuga, the pioneer of the new generation, shares a funny little connection with the Showa duo that started it all. And that is……a lot of the forms look almost identical!

To further complicate matters, Kuuga has 12 different forms, the most of any single Rider throughout the entire franchise in its television appearance.

Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Mighty, as its name suggests, is the powered up version of Kuuga’s core transformation, the Mighty Form. This is the 6th Kuuga figure released in Bandai’s esteemed S.H. Figuarts line, and the very first SHF sold as a Tamashii’s Feature event exclusive.

At a glance, it is almost identical to the Mighty Form with a few notable differences. The most obvious being the new shin pad on his right leg, golden touches along the edge of the armour, and a more detailed transformation device

Many have wondered whether there is actually any difference in the figure’s sculpt and paint application compared to that of the Mighty and Amazing Mighty Forms (the two forms most similar to the Rising Mighty). Let’s go into more detail, and see if Bandai has put any efforts into making the aforementioned releases worthwhile as individual figures.

The accessories included are identical to what is included with the Mighty Form, but with Grongi symbols printed onto the back of the hands.

On mine, the compound eyes are not as shiny as that of the Mighty Form or Amazing Mighty. The right eye is passable, but the left eye actually looks a little dull. And if you look in close detail, there is actually a slight different in the shade of red used across the 3 said forms. With each stronger form, the eyes become a deeper red. So, assume if one coat of clear red was applied onto the eyes of Mighty Form, it’s as if two coats were applied onto Rising Mighty, and Amazing Mighty was given three.



(Left to right: Rising Mighty, Amazing Mighty, Mighty Form)

Back from the little interlude, the Arcle Belt for the 3 forms each possesses their own little unique characteristics. The Mighty Form stands out as being the most different; as the belt is significantly less detailed, and the Amadam stone is red in colour. The differences between Rising Mighty and Amazing Mighty are more subtle. For Rising Mighty, the stone is moulded in a rice-coloured (like lemon squash), whereas Amazing Mighty’s is yellow (like Mountain Dew). The shade of purple used for the Titan Form button on the two figures is also different.

Many, including myself, have pondered whether the red used for the armour is actually any different from the Mighty Form, or if it’s just our perception affected by the lighting used in the photography. I can tell you for certain that Rising Mighty’s coat is indeed glossier as the photos suggest, perhaps gold was used as the base colour instead of silver. But the colour on Mighty Form (first issue) is actually a deeper and more vibrant red

Another major, but not very apparent difference, is that the black used on Rising Mighty’s suit is of a darker and purer black.

The shin pads used are the same as what was on Amazing Mighty, but the detail of the Grongi lettering is a lot sharper on the Amazing Mighty. The surface of the die-cast material used on Rising Mighty’s foot is matte, whereas Amazing Mighty’s is glossy, and the gold used on Rising Mighty is also somewhat muddy looking.

Although Bandai could have easily reused existing parts to save costs, there are actually a surprising number of subtle differences that can be found between the 3 figures! And if you happen to own them all, it actually brings a little joy to be able to spot those differences.

But as an exclusive, is there really anything that puts this at an advantage over the existing Kuugas to justify its bloated price tag? Absolutely not. Unless an extra splash of gold and a shin guard happens to throw you over the moon, there’s just very little reason one would pay 3-4 times the price for this over the regular Kuuga Mighty Form.

If you’re a completist, a huge fan of Kuuga, or even just this form in particular, that’s obviously a different story.

But if you’re set on getting one of the more iconic Kuugas that isn’t Ultimate Kuuga, I would recommend the regular Kuuga Mighty Form instead, as it’s just as much fun as it’s powered up version.

The Mighty Form is a very popular figure, and the 3rd issue of it is just around the corner in May, pre-order yours now if you don’t want to miss out again!

    • Nightslash3535
    • June 4th, 2010

    I’m looking forward for the other Kuuga exclusives. Rising and Ultimate forms have come already, Amazing Mighty is also available. All that’s left is his Growing Form and his other Rising forms and the villain of the series, N-Daguva-Zeba. BTW, nice photography skills.

  1. Yep, I’m all set too, just 3 more to go!

    Hopefully they won’t be sold in a way that is difficult to obtain.

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