S.C.M. EX: Char’s Zaku II

S.C.M. EX (Special Creative Model), released by Banpresto is a hyper-articulated action figure line offered as UFO prize catcher items in Japan. The line made its debut in 2007 with the release of Zeta Gundam and Zeta Gundam Karaba to good reception. Unfortunately, the line has not released anything new since 2008, but its popularity has called for several re-issues along the line, with the most recent wave hitting shelves in January of 2010.

In addition to its impression articulation, the line also features mobile suits in a stylized interpretation with exaggerated proportions which sets it apart from run of the mill Gundam toys.

A machine gun, bazooka, axe, and several optional hands are included.

Any good Zaku action-figure wouldn’t be complete without a rotatable bionic eye.

The skirt armour and cords are moulded in a soft rubber like material to avoid hindering movement.

The eye is rotated by removing the top of the head via a twist and pull method, and the exchangeable hands are made of the same rubber material as the skirt armour, which sucks onto the ball joint snugly.

Both shoulder armours are completely rotatable.

It’s nice to see the boosters painted in gunmetal, and the bazooka can be attached onto the rear of the skirt armour.

At 1,450 yen, these guys are a great buck for money considering what a low-end action-figure costs nowadays. They’re very durable, and are a fun playmate to have on your desktop to keep you company during one of those moments where you just need to take a break from work. If you are a great fan of highly-posable action-figures like me, you’ll love this and wonder why you haven’t picked one up earlier.

S.C.M. EX figures measure around 13 cm tall, are compatible with Bandai’s Tamashii Stage stands. These could have easily posed a threat to Bandai’s Robot Damashii line if it had continued releasing new models, or were promoted as a regular toy line instead of prize catcher items. Stock from the latest re-issue is still available from Hobbylink Japan in limited quantities; pick one up before it’s too late!

(The keyword is “Special Creative Model”)

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