SHF: Kamen Rider Agito (Trinity Form)

Purchased on a bit of a whim for the extra Ground Form accessories, and coloured a little like Napoleon Ice Cream, is Kamen Rider Agito (Trinity Form).

Despite the fact that this is basically recycled off existing parts from Agito Ground Form, Flame Form, and Storm Form, all meshed together, Trinity Form actually stands out apart as a gem on its own. The overall proportion also feels a little more balanced out when compared to Ground Form when it is posed standing casually.

Agito Trinity Form comes with a surprisingly impressive array of accessories. The Flame Saber and Storm Halberd are molded in ABS plastic, and thus the details on the weapons are quite crisp. In addition to the default pair of fists, are a pair of claw-like hands, 2 pairs of relaxed open hands (one intended for use with Ground Form), and 2 pairs of gripping hands, both of which are intended for use with Trinity Form. Just like Ground Form, an extra mask with the opened crest horns is also included.

The 2 pairs of gripping hands look identical to me, but I assume one is to be used for Trinity Form’s weaponry, while the other is meant to be set aside for holding onto the Machine Tornador. This is a really thoughtful gesture, as the handlebars of the bikes can cause the grip to loosen up, which makes things a little flimsy when you want it to be holding the weapons again. It’s a shame Bandai forgot to do the same with the release of Black RX’s Acrobatter, but that will be talked about in more detail in another review.

The compound eyes of Trinity Form’s opened crest horns mask is also a little lacking in shine, especially when compared to the piece that came with Ground Form.

The red armour on the Flame side is a duller red than shown in the photos, with a metallic powder effect applied to the paint job; whereas the Storm side is highlighted with a lustrous metallic blue.

Unlike Another Agito, Trinity Form does not come with an extra head. The face needs to be removed in order to change into its powered-up form.

The shoulder armour is attached to the arm instead of the chest piece, and therefore movement is not restricted.

Articulation is as good as any other SHFs modelled on the body that made its debut with Kamen Rider Kuuga.

If you’re astute to detail, you will have noticed earlier that I photographed the wrong pair of hands made for Ground Form in the accessories shot! That’s because they were attached to this guy.

Enough talk; let’s explore some of Trinity Form’s prowess with all the weapons he can hold.

Overall, this is an unexpectedly good action figure, and this took me by complete surprise as I didn’t expect it to be much different from Agito Ground Form. I dare say Trinity Form will probably become one of my favourites in the SHF line. Its simplicity made sure that nothing got in the way of good old S.H. Figuarts style articulation, and accessory-wise, it just came with all the ‘right’ stuff. The styles of the hands included are perfect, the quality and mould of the weapons are impressive, and the extra mask just adds that little bit of spice when you’re after a bit of variation.

If this were a regular release, I’d expect it to be a much more popular item. If you don’t already have Storm Form and Flame Form, Agito Trinity Form is definitely a recommended buy, so long as you come across it at a price you can accept.

Until then, let’s look forward to the release of Kamen Rider Gills!

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