C.O.R.: Kabuto Extender

Earlier this year, we saw the release of S.H. Figuarts EX’s Machine Tornador, and just last month, Acrobatter and Battle Hopper’s shiny new incarnations have joined the ranks of Bandai’s esteemed re-releases. We were even given a glimpse of the exclusively destined Gouram at the Tamashii’s Feature event, as well as original prototypes for the Machine Decader and W’s Machine Hard-Boiler.

But what of the Kabuto Extender? Let’s take a look at the Kabuto Extender from the C.O.R. line (Cast-Off Riders Series).

I picked up this beauty towards the end of 2008 in Hong Kong while the Kamen Rider Kabuto series was airing on local TV there, so naturally, it was widely stocked in all department stores.

The bike was originally designed to be used with the Riders from the C.O.R. action-figure line, which incidentally looks way too large for their bikes. But when paired with SHF Kabuto, the result is stunning.

The Kabuto Extender is quite a sturdy piece, which you can just prop on your desktop carelessly without having to worry about it toppling over. When parked, it stays up at a stylish angle due to the design of its sizable footrest.

The front of the bike is painted in a smooth metallic red finish, while the rest of its body is painted in silver. Very little of the vehicle has been left unpainted. However, the headlights are simply painted on, and when the bigwigs at Bandai calls for its Tamashii Web Exclusive transformation, I assume they will be replaced with some snazzy clear parts like the Machine Tornador.

The size of the handlebars are a good fit for SHF Kabuto’s weapon holding hands, and the sculpt of the mechanics around the wheel are quite detailed. If you’re model-kit savvy, a bit of weathering here and there could turn the bike into something quite realistic.

The seat is done in matte black, and due to the toy-like nature of the C.O.R. line; unfortunately some screws are visible on the right side of the bike.

The bike is a little on the large side, but thanks to Kabuto Extender’s bulky design, I’d say this actually works in its favour. The SHF Kabuto figure has no difficulty reaching for the handlebars while propped comfortably in its seat, posing with its feet touching the ground while the bike is parked is also not a problem.

A cute little gimmick has been included, where the vehicle can transform into its offensive Ex Mode with the simple press of a button positioned towards the back (camouflaged as the backlights); the front of the bike will then proceed to be split into 2 pieces and fly off on its own trajectory. To finish off the transformation, some adjustments will need to be made to the front wheel.

It’s brilliant as a companion piece to the SHF Kabuto, even when just parked to the side.

And equally cool if you decide to take it for a spin and see some action.

If you manage to find one at a reasonable price, perhaps leftover stock at a local hobby retailer or whatever, go for it. If they ever do give this the blasphemous S.H. Figuarts “EX” treatment, I believe the differences are going to be marginal, much like the Machine Tornador, with the only obvious changes being the clear headlights, slightly more detailed handlebars, and a bonus stand. The paint application is already of a fairly high standard. Get one now, so Kabuto can walk the path of heaven in style.(Or…hide the ‘O’ legged dilemma of your 2008 issue Kabuto, in style.)

The Gatack Extender and Machine Zectron are also available in the C.O.R. (Cast-Off Riders) series.

  1. just trying to give an advice…for Kabuto’s “O” leg, you can educe it. I tied his upper part of legs with rubber band (so the legs aren’t separated, think of how Kabuto standing when he’s doing his “obaa-chan ga itte ita” motto), it works 😀

    last, what are the price of C.O.R Kabuto extender?

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