SHF: Piccolo

So after many years (decades even) of pretty dodgy Dragon Ball action figures, Bandai brings us the first installment in their first Dragon Ball Kai S.H. Figuarts line, Piccolo.

Firstly, good head sculpt, which bears a pretty close resemblance to the character in my opinion. The nose is very pointy, and the antennas are also very fine. The arms are also very detailed, with all the lines engraved on his skin. The skin’s been treated with a sort of matte coat, so it’s got a different texture to the clothing and doesn’t have that plastic-y shine to it. A light blue shadowing effect is also applied on the cape, which gives it a much more 3-dimensional effect.

Accessories include the cape, changable piece for the cape to accomodate the set of crossed arms that come with the figure. A set of crossed arms, a pair of fists, open hands, claw like hands (which even have veins sculpted on), and a hand to create poses for ‘Makankosappo’.

3 different heads are also included, which significantly increases its play value.

SHF has always been known for its articulation, and Piccolo mainstains the line’s standard in that department. However, when the cape is worn, the upper body becomes a tad bit heavy, and makes the figure difficult to stand when in more complicated poses. Unlike SHF Riders, The figure does not have any metal parts used in its feet.

The cape also gets in the way if you try to use a Tamashii Stage Act stand to support it in the waist area, you can however, try to secure it around its legs.

The articulation in the lower body is also not as good as it is in the upper body. The hip/thigh area can not be lifted as high as I would like it to, and ball joints are used on the ankle, so you cannot get the feet flat on the ground when you have the legs spread very wide apart. However, the figure still provides ample articulation for loads of dynamic poses, and compromises have to be made between articulation and the aesthetics of the figure.

Let’s see it in pictures!

Piccolo flys~~~

Classic scene from the original OP

Let’s revisit Piccolo’s look when he first made his appearance in Dragon Ball (not DBZ)

A bit of alteration to see what it would look like if it were released in animation colour


Can’t remember what this attack is called, but I remember seeing it in a trading card. Probably in a fight against Cell

So Goku, let’s fuse…

Not to be missed for fans of Dragon Ball or SHF, this is the best Dragon Ball action figure out there right now.

  1. I’ll be getting my SHF Piccolo soon…

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