SHF: Kamen Rider W

After months of discussing what colour his joints are going to be, the much awaited Kikaider wannabe is finally in town.

Having heard numerous complaints of QC issues, but not having actually seen anything serious, I wasn’t very concerned about mine. After all, SH Figuarts is one of  Bandai’s more reliable lines in that it is almost identical to what is shown in the official photos. Having opened it past midnight, I gave it a quick glance, and ya da ya da ya, everything looks fine. But upon further inspection, I’m a bit disappointed to find that there’s a black dot on the right eye. The sprue mark on the antenna I could deal with, but a paint defect dead centre in the face is a downer. Ironically, I could not find a similar fault in any other parts of the body. I’m still pondering as to whether I should risk attempting to scratch it off with a blade.

Back to the miniature replica of our bi-polar hero. Kamen Rider W comes with a fair selection of optional hands, which I have to say are very well sculpted, although a little big in proportion to the figure.

These hands are exactly what great poses are made of, it is regrettable that Kamen Rider Black and Black RX didn’t come with some of these, because it is exactly what they’re missing. The Medicom RAH Black/Black RX actually had a pair shaped just like a pair that came with W. Instead, Bandai decided to give them Agito’s “non-calm hands”* (*courtesy of Vangelus)  , which isn’t really what Kotaro used in the show.

But back to W, the figure comes 2 different scarfs to suit your mood. And the sculpt for this I must say, is a little lackluster. The shape, like the ones that came with the ‘the next’ riders, is a bit flat, and doesn’t really give the appearance of a scarf billowing in the wind like the ones that came with Another Agito.

This is obvious a ploy to get you to buy the upcoming Cyclone Set twin pack. But the thing is from the one official photo we have seen of it, it doesn’t look that great either. It is disappointing that Bandai didn’t give it their all for the return of the legendary Rider scarf, because from AA, we know the SHF sculpters are capable of much better.

The Gaia Memories are not coloured, but this doesn’t bother me much, as I don’t expect every minute detail of a figure this size to be 100% accurate.

The wrist armour is moulded separately from the rest of the hand, and this can get a little annoying when it pops off while you swap hands. Those who have collected the earlier Saint Seiya Myth Cloth will totally get where I am coming from.

The scandalous elbow joints are not in the correct colour, but I don’t really care. Black suits me just fine. Given the complexity of the metallic paint job, a silver base coat + clear green + gloss might be overdoing for a joint that gets so much action, and be prone to paint scratching off. I’d be more worried if it came in an icky plastic green that didn’t match the rest of the exquisite paint job, just to be green.

But you have to give Bandai credit for being able to do the hands in matching colours, because this was something they were never able to get right with their Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures. And for it to be durable in soft plastic, you’d have to give them another round of applause.

Funny enough, they have bothered to colour the ball shaped joint positioned in the shoulder.

Let’s see how it looks with a more respectable scarf. (Stolen from from sempai S.I.C. V3


“So, let’s count up your crimes!”

More scarf epicness. Size does matter.

The joints are extremely well hidden, and the legs are almost seamless when standing straight. And the green they decided to go with is a lot more pleasant to look at compared to the one depicted in the show.

Creating a cyclone.

Overall, a very solid SHF with a stunning paint job, and well hidden joints. It’s a shame they did not do a matte coating on the Joker side, as it can’t have been a major cost issue if they could afford a full body metallic paint job for the other non-Joker combinations.

Fans of W will not be disappointed, and fans of the original Showa Riders by Ishinomori Sensei will find that some of the characteristics that defined the original Kamen Riders have made a return.

A release not to be missed for fans of SHF Kamen Rider, as it is one of the most show accurate releases they have produced to date.

  1. Now this is an action figure well made 🙂

    • Nightslash3535
    • June 3rd, 2010

    I have multiple doubts of releases using the old type body after my Another Agito’s (my first SHF) legs broke due to some QC issues. I think this figure’s pretty nice enough, I’m looking forward for his final form: CycloneJoker Xtreme and his FFR form CycloneCyclone and JokerJoker.

    • BoukenRed
    • July 16th, 2010

    Excellent and indepth review, a lot of love put into your description and some finely detailled pictures. I was unsure on wether to get this figure or not, considering it is still in stock when just about everything else isn’t (bar a few items) at sites such as HLJ.

    I’m looking at this from a collector’s point of view and so I’m sold! If I can get my hands on this then I will be very happy.

    All thanks to your review!

    • Good luck! I saw it still in stock at HLJ and Hobbysearch as well a few days ago. It’s still currently in-stock because it only just got re-issued at the start of the month.

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