SHF: Another Agito

Another Agito may not be a recent Figuart release, but with its February re-issue still minty fresh, let’s take a dive and see why it’s secured a seat in most people’s recent brown box of delights.

This is a big thing to say up front, but Another Agito, is probably a near perfect SH Figuart; if it wasn’t for the bizarre decision to suddenly use plastic ball-jointed feet. Thankfully, this is not something that has made a re-appearance since in SHF Riders.

This was originally the deal breaker for me when it was first released, as what impresses me most about SHFs, is that they can actually stand without having to worry about their mood swings and stage dives.  While the figure still stands, it is a lot more prone to falling when it feels a slight bump to the desk or shelf its standing on.

Including the pair that is attached to the figure, Another Agito comes with 4 pairs of hand. Namely, a pair of fists, angry open hands, moderately angry/relaxed open hands, and a pair of standing opening hands that I never found to be of much use. Unlike those that came with ‘the next’ Riders and W, the sculpting on the scarf is very voluminous, and flows very naturally. I’d say it’s almost as good as the scarf sculpt on S.I.C. figures.

The paint application is very detailed, especially on the torso. The abs come in its original plastic semi-gloss/matte texture, combined with an impressively glossy chest piece to give off a very organic and layered look. But it doesn’t stop there; a subtle black gradient effect is applied on the edge of the breast plate to top it all off.

SHF, despite being known for its simplicity, did not cause Bandai take any short-cuts with the sculpt. If you examine in close detail, all the fine lines and crevasses of the suit are sculpted in beautifully without fault.

Clear parts were not used for the belt this time, and it’s always a little disappointing when that happens, but the paint app on it is still very solid, with a dabble of metallics here and there.

And the wings definitely deserve an honourable mention, the level of detail placed in the sculpt here is simply amazing.

The scarfs are 100% rotatable. (Until the other one gets in your way) And it was a great decision to mould the spikes on his arms and legs as soft plastic, otherwise it may deal some damage to you (or you to him) when you try to swap parts for the hands.

The tightness of the joints is also perfect, and moves very fluidly without a hint of becoming loose easily.

A black gradient effect is also applied to the head.

The elbow and knee joints are moulded in brown to add to Another Agito’s organic appearance.

I have not watched Kamen Rider Agito, but a symbol is carved onto his shoulder pads.

The “I’m going to eat your” face is a great addition for more epic poses.

If you have yet to nab this figure for your collection, grab it while it lasts! Even if you are set on only collecting the primary Riders, this is the one to go for as soon as there is a sign of weakness in your determination.

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