Robot Damashii: Eva-02

Revoltech? Robot Damashii? Revoltech? Robot Damashii?

My vote goes to Robot Damashii.

I never got hold of the Evangelion 2.0 version of Revoltech’s Eva-02, but the way their boxes just keeps getting bigger and bigger for no apparenty reason is getting a bit silly. I did purchase the Evangelion 1.0 Revoltechs back in 07, but ever since my Eva-01 started looking like it’s been drooling acid on its own thighs, I’ve made a note to steer clear of anything with that icky shininess Kaiyodo releases.

Back to the ROBOT Damashii. This is actually my first figure from this line of a regular proportion robot (my first was Ryuujinmaru, which is more of a SD robo), and I am very impressed!

I must say, initially I didn’t take much notice of this particular Eva-02 figure at all, but when I saw the Eva Unit 01 on display at Tamashii’s Faeature, I thought, “Damn, this is one line to look out for.” I’ve always had the impression that ROBOT Damashii figures looked very “plastic”, judging from photos I’ve seen online, and as a result, I never bothered to pay much attention to its releases. Until Bandai announced that it was releasing Ryuujinmaru from ‘Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru’, I knew I can no longer avoid this line. And after having a fiddle, it’s actually not bad! The joints are sturdy enough, and it’s actually not raw model plastic, a sort of half matte effect has been applied on the goods.

The contours of the figure is very sharp, no lumpy bits. The articulation is impeccable. I’m an articulation person, and this wins major points for me.

I thought SHF had amazing articulation, but this just blows it out of the water. That’s kind of an odd comparison anyway, since SHF are humanoids and this is a robot. But you won’t find another robot figurine with articulation this impression.

Being in a non-Asian country, I pretty peeved that I still haven’t been able to see <Evangelion 2.0 you may (not) advance> (no spoilers please!). So I don’t know if they’ve covered everything accessories-wise, but from the look of things, it’s enough for dozens of cool poses I’m sure you’ll be tempted to change week in week out. Compared to the original TV design, the changes are more than a few colour alterations. The flight pack does look pretty nifty, and the added horns sits okay with me.

There are plenty of changable hands to go around, the sculpt for the fingers is very fine, and they are moulded in soft plastic.

The parts for the flight pack swaps out easily, and it is interesting to note that the shoulder blades are attached to the torso, when most toys have it as part of the arm.

The wrist design is similar to that of SHF figures, but with a larger ball knob. The toe joint is very sturdy, so no need to worry about the figure falling over from just standing like the S.I.C.s do. The neck articulation is also surprisingly flexible, given that some of Bandai’s recent S.I.C.s have had some neck movement issues.

“You bet I’m flexible like a yoga master.”

The thing I am impressed most with this figure, is that it captures that sleek humanoid/organic/robot combination that made Evangelion deserve a category of its own amongst giant robots. A lot of the time, the Evangelion toys just looks like……a robot, with the superficial exterior designs of an Eva. But this here, really nails the way the Evas look when they are in action, looks like this line is called the ‘The Robot Spirits’ for a reason.

Poses such as these which are rarely possible with ordinary figures, can be done with ease by EVA-02, and look completely natural.

A classic pose from the original TV series

A lot of hyper-articulated figures requires a bit of effort to get them to look natural, simply due to the fact that they just have too many joints. But just a few easy twists with this, and even an amateur can set it in a pose with style.

Stage Acts are really handy when it comes to Robot Damashiis and SHFs

If you were on the fence about this figure, get it now. A fan of Evangelion? Get it. Already have the Revoltech? Get it anyway.

When the Eva-01 comes out, I can see people trying to go back and get a hold of this gem.

This is definitely going to be a strong candidate for my top 10 of 2010.

  1. Cool blog and reviews.

    • redmage20386
    • April 7th, 2010

    always enjoy your photos 🙂 keep it going 😀

    • takara
    • October 9th, 2010

    Nice figure I can say. I’d sell out ll my Revoltech’s Evas after having this and Eva 01. Now planning to get Eva 00, but the price is killing me.

    • Then there’s Eva-03/Bardiel also, with exclusives it’s always best to have it pre-ordered in advance (still expensive though).

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